How much blame does Europe deserve for financially supporting suicide bombers?

Since groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are making widespread accusations of war crimes, let’s see whether Europe has clean hands.

Europe has been donating money to Arafat. Arafat used some of that money to pay for terrorist attacks against Israel. The Europeans donors allowed their donaitons to be used to pay for suicide bombs.

So, how much blame does Europe deserve for financially supportinjg terrorism? Are they blameless? Were they just careless? Did they commit war crimes? Crimes against humanity?

Dopers – what’s your verdict?

My verdict? That december is still not seriously trying to debate a topic, but is once again trying to get some juvenile enjoyment out of simply getting a rise out of the “liberals”.

DNFTT, folks.

PS: In addition, Arafat is still the head of the Palestinian Authority and leader of a proto-state in desperate need of foreign aid if it is to function. Europe also supported the terrorist Begin and his Irgun organization before 1948 - now try to explain the difference nonracistly, if you can.


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Help me december because I don’t know. Did they give cash to Arafat or give financial aid in kind like we do?

Our governments actually provides terrorist weapons like welfare to the Palestinians…

Talking about your loaded questions!! december, does it not occur to you that many in the Arab world are saying the exact same thing about America financially supporting Israel’s brand of ‘terror’?

I have to say, this is probably one of his most offensive threads yet.

At least Wildest Bill seemingly acted on limited ability and pure instinct, you do it wilfully and with calculation…one imagines the game is almost up.

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The US tax[payer has been giving Arafat $500mn a year according to these guys - who obviously have an ax to grind. But whatever the actual number of $$, we all know that the US does aid the Palestinians, just as the Europeans do.

So let’s have another thread “How much blame does the US deserve for financially supporting terrorism?”

The problem here is that there is almost nothing in the OP that we can use as a guideline for debate; I am surprised that the moderators are not warning december. In any case, here is a starting point IMO:

AFAIK as in the case of the USA, the money was not given directly to the Palestinian authority but to the Palestinian social programs.

For the OP my veredict is that december’s sources are not reliable once again.

My overall verdict is that this time you have gone too far december

If these are our standards of evidence and judgement, then obviously the US is guilty for creating al-Qaeda…

I wonder if the OP has a sense of shame or not.

Well, hmm.

How do we know this?

How do we know this?

About as much as the US deserves for supporting the IRA, probably.

Oh wow, another December bashing thread! How very original. :rolleyes:

Kudos to December, though, on annoying both Guin and Elvis in the same thread! :slight_smile:

My understanding of this is that the European Union was encouraged by both the US and Israel to put together packages of development aid for the Palestinian Authority.

I believe that EU aid paid for the Education Ministry buildings and equipment in Ramallah which was needlessly destroyed by the IDF as part of its dismantling of signs of Palestinian statehood.

The EU is considering requesting Israel to repay this and other money to the EU so that it can again be applied to such projects, failing which, there is a suggestion that EU ‘aid’ to Israel (preferential access to EU markets) may be withdrawn.

The EU has been funding basic aid and infrastructure projects in Palestine, to help them create a better, more stable society - a society less likely to breed suicide bombers, made desperate by oppression and poverty and suffering.

America has supported and funded Israel - a country that has consistently and deliberately destroyed said EU aid and infrastructure projects, thus increasing the sense of desperation and oppression amongst Palestinians, and thereby fostering the likelihood of suicide bombers.

Here’s your cite:

Therefore, using december’s “logic”, America has been directly supporting Israeli terrorism, and indirectly fostering Palestinian terrorism…

Israeli terrorism? Where does your site mention that, istara? Or am I supposed to assume that when they say “military strike” they mean “cowardly terrorist actions”?

It depends on whether they’ve stopped beating their wife.:rolleyes:

Verdict: OP = BS.

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I am not replying to this OP.

I repeat: I am not replying to this OP.

Because I’d hate to be guilty of something by association. :rolleyes: