How much cash do you keep at home?

I keep about $500. That way, I only go to the ATM every month or less to replenish it.
I used to keep less, but started keeping more when the Y2000 thing came around.

I have a little tin of money which I use to store what doesn’t go into my wallet. Inside, there is:

$45 USD (which I plan on using when I go to Singapore)
$10 undeposited cheque

So a little less than $150 Australian dollars.

I’ve got about $300. I get some tips at work that I save up and buy completely useless things with. I just haven’t had the chance to spend it yet.

Well I’ve only got about $5 tops in my purse. I use my MAC card for just about everything.

I’m not supposed to let anyone know about the $250,000 mil (it was a gift) in nonsequential unmarked bills that is currently hidden behind the drywall in my bedroom closet. It’s hid so well no one could ever find it unless they know what they are looking for. Who could believe that little ledge thereunder the shoe rack could hold so much cash.

I’m the interac queen. Other than some change, I rarely have cash on me. If I do take some out, its generally just 100.00 if I’m going out with friends for dinner or something like that.

So, is your next question, “Where do you live?” :wink:

I counted my change once, and between that and the normal wallet load (done in another recent thread). I probably have ~$300-350 around the house - some of it very heavy.

I have a piggy bank where I drop loose change. When it fills up, I get it changed for bills.

Other than that, the only cash around my residence is what’s in my wallet. And I rarely have more than $40.00 in it.

I’ve been reading a book about counterfeiting of US currency. Apparantly there is only about $130 billion in cash floating around the country (about twice that outside the US). This comes out to about $430 per person in the country. And most of that cash is in places like Las Vegas and race tracks.

Everybody seems to use mostly electronic money these days.

I currently have about $10 of dimes, nickels, and pennies (the quarters are culled for laundry duty) and exactly no paper money in the house or in my wallet.

Credit card companies must love me.