How much do organizations depend on fish fry money?

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For the 8 weeks of Lent, in the midwest at least, everybody’s got a fish fry going. Churches, scout groups, VFWs, social clubs, and restaurants. And at least around here they are PACKED.

In Ohio, at least, they’ve been shut down. I think they had 3 weeks of Lent before the closure.

Every time I go to one of these I think they’ve got to be making bank on these things. All volunteer work, and while the dinners aren’t expensive they’re priced accordingly (a nicer dinner costs more).

Groups that do these every year must hedge a good bit of their yearly budget on fish fry revenue. Now they’re losing 5 weeks.

So, I’m just curious if anyone has ever been part of an organization that did fish fries and what percent of their yearly budget came from such an event.

Since this is IMHO I’m only really looking for anecdotal replies. I can do the math on typical costs and gross revenue and stuff. I’m more looking for actual experience, since really the data can vary wildly between groups and locations.

No idea but my Dad’s club runs an annual four-day event at which they earn 90% of their revenue when you include the corporate sponsorships. It’s scheduled for August and it may not happen this year. Fortunately, they have reserves to rely on.