How much do you mind if someone keeps you awake when you don't have to wake up early?

Brought to mind because I just listened to illegal aerial fireworks set off on an early Sunday morning.

Assuming that the majority of those woken up don’t have to get out of bed at any particular time on Sunday, how much would such a thing annoy you, compared to experiencing it when you DO have to get up at a particular time?

Being woken up or kept awake doesn’t really bother me much. I like lying bed and snoozing. Sound in general doesn’t really bother me. But my SO is bothered by it. People behind us have been renovating for months now, and they start at something like 6.30AM, and it really bothers him every morning.

It probably wouldn’t bother me. I’m a light sleeper, so I’m used to being woken up. More importantly: being tired & in bed is just lovely. If I’m half-awake to enjoy it, so much the better.

I’ve got a young baby, so I don’t remember what sleeping in feels like.

SO = Security Officer?

Shouldn’t he be awake anyway?

Maybe he just thinks that keeping the construction workers quite is part of his job as a security officer; he is trying to protect your sleep.

One of my SOs was a bit over zealous about different aspects of his duties, you should sit him down for a talk.

I don’t like really loud noises at any time of the day. If they are distant pop pop pops, that’s fine. But if it sounds like “Boyz in the Hood” in my backyard, I’m going to be pissed off.

I don’t like screwing up my sleep schedule too much. On the weekends I tend to stay up later and wake up later. But still, I try to be reasonable because I don’t want to throw my circadian rhythms off for the entire week. So if the firecrackers are going off at 12:00, I’m probably just getting into bed, so no biggie. But if it’s 3:00 AM, the whole time my mind is going to be counting how many hours of sleep I’m going to have to make up so that I’m not sleep-deprived come Monday. And I won’t be so nonchalant about that.

At the risk of being whooshed, but…

SO = Significant Other. I.e., spouse or live-in boyfriend or girlfriend.

Security Officer makes more sense…

No it doesn’t.

Trust me, security officer makes more sense.

I figured it out from the contextual clues.

You figured it out wrong. You’re new here, right?

I think it is security officer, or they accidentally omitted the word husband/wife and put the word “is” inadvertently before the uppercase “so”.

If it were the latter, they used uppercase letters to emphasize how upset they were.

People call their security officers SOs all the time, but I’ve never heard “significant other” being referred to as SO.

We’ll have to wait for gracer, but I’m pretty sure it’s security officer.

New to the Internet, I’d wager. (Alternately, not new at all, perhaps.)

Let me google that for you:"significant+other"

Usually, unless it is very exceptional circumstances, I mind very much so! :mad:

Too stupid to be real, too unfunny to be a joke.

That said, I’m pretty sure **AA **is having a laugh. On the off chance he’s not: I guarantee that you’re wrong, AA, and apologize for using the word “stupid” just now.

Hate it.

We have neighbors with a pool, and in the summer, we like to keep our window open and air off if it isn’t too hot. And they can be using the pool at one in the morning having a wonderful time. I like to sleep, and I tend to go to sleep fairly early - then get up fairly early. That is how my sleep cycle is set. If they keep me up until 1:00, I miss the “falling asleep part” don’t sleep well all night, then am still up when my body clock says “get up.”

I’m not much of a sleeper-inner. And my work schedule is capricious. So while it’s more annoying to be kept awake if I was anticipating getting up early, it’s still annoying if I don’t have to get up early.

It makes me want to throttle people. I have problems sleeping through the night as it is, and have a bitch of a time falling asleep again if awakened after more than a couple of hours of sleep.

No worries, I’m sticking with an uppercase “so” to denote emphasis, but I think security officer is entirely plausible.

Even mangeytout’s google tended to back me up that people don’t walk around saying the initials SO to refer to a life partner.

However, SO is much more a common form of address for security officers.

Plus, the fact that there was construction going on is what leads me to believe it was a security officer that was getting upset.