How much do you mind if someone keeps you awake when you don't have to wake up early?

Still not 100% sure you’re serious, but if so: why would **gracer **be talking to her local security officer about his sleep habits? And why would a security officer be upset about being kept awake, since he has to be up anyway? And who refers to a security guard with a possessive pronoun: “my security officer”? OTOH, it makes perfect sense that she’d know about her boyfriend’s sleep habits. That’s some bad context-reading there.

I’m really not all that fond of noise, to the point where people on this board have complained about it when I complain about noise here. Like** Eva Luna**, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep, so I’d probably be annoyed by noise late at night. Well, if I was already in bed trying to get to sleep, that is. If I was up late and doing other stuff and not trying to sleep, it wouldn’t bother me as much.

I would be somewhat annoyed because when I want to fall asleep, I don’t want to be kept awake, even if I don’t have to get up early.

This is getting beyond ridiculous, but plenty of people have security officers that work for them.

My security officer got upset with the construction workers at the neighbors property for leaving a bulldozer too close to the fence line that was causing some kind of problems with the alarms.

Plus, security officers and construction workers don’t seem to get along. I’ve noticed that they have some kind of weird rivalry.

If I don’t have to get up early, it makes me want to punch the culprit in the face. If I do have to get up early, it makes me want to stab them in the face. And if I’m not even trying to sleep, I just want to slap them in the face (well, it will eventually still escalate to wanting to stab, like that guy harassing me with the electric guitar all day every day for months…but I FINALLY managed to get his ass kicked out, so now I don’t have to).

Ok, we’ll see. In the interim.

Let me give you some history. 25 years ago or so it was POTOS (partner of the opposite sex) which soon turned into POTAS - partner of the appropriate sex.
SO took over being shorter.
The census bureau at one time called it POSSLQ - People of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters.

Never heard of anyone sleeping with their security officer - not that there is anything wrong with it.

SO = Supercilious Oxen.

I figured that out from contextual clues.

I thought it was superfluous orangutans but I think your guess is right. I mean how can an orangutan be superfluous? That part just didn’t make any sense.

Trust me, it makes more sense than you think. Orangutans are known for their penchant of superfluous renovations.

Hahaha sorry for not checking back in earlier to clarify, but it was totally worth it for the funny.

Originally I was talking about my significant other (to be specific, my male partner of many years to whom I am not married nor intend to ever be married), but now I feel quite bad for excluding my Superfluous Orang-utan and my Supercilious Oxen. Despite being Superfluous and Supercilious they mean a great deal to me, and I should of course mention how they feel about the noises that go on here in the early morning. The Orang-utan gets very agitated when woken up, and starts jumping up and down screeching. The Oxen doesn’t care in the slightest, in fact I suspect he might be deaf.
My vast array of security officers do not share my bed, so how they react to being woken up I couldn’t say. It’s not that they aren’t terribly sexy, but the bed is really quite full with the four of us.

Ah ha! We were all right!

Superfluous Orang utan always gets overlooked, naturally.

No shit?

I feel thoroughly vindicated, and I’m very happy to have taught the lot of you a lesson.

No need for apologies or thanks, it’s just what I do.

SO is Significant Other on the SDMB, and Brain Glutton’s post is my cite.


I bet.

I really, really loathe being woken up. I tolerate things like alarm clocks when necessary, but I’ve actually adjusted my schedule so I almost never actually need an alarm clock for anything.

The only time I wake up happy is when I wake up because I’m done sleeping.

Fortunately, I’m a pretty sound sleeper and the spouse reports I usually sleep through unexpected fireworks.

Stop hijacking this topic with a pointless debate.

Furthermore, one might think, from your last post in this thread that you’re just trying to rile others up. We have a name for that here and acting like one is against the rules.

Don’t post in this thread again unless you have something actually relevant to the OP.

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In fairness, as puzzling as I found AA’s unwillingness to listen to everyone else, I took his last post to be self-deprecation. And, hey, so far in this thread I’ve been spot on about interpreting posters’ meaning.