How much do you pay for a pizza pie?

I’m going to pick up a pizza on the way home. A large plain pie is $8.93 including tax if I pick it up. Delivery is a buck for the house plus a couple more for a tip. We usually get two small pies - one plain for the kids and another with toppings for SmithWife and me, but I’ve only got a sawbuck on me and I don’t feel like going to the bank. Still, less than nine buccks to feed a family of for dinner, pretty good deal.

What do you pay for a pie?

Little Ceasars: $5.00. My meal is usually $2 as I just get breadsticks.
(local)Papa Keno’s: “slice as big as your face” and a soda, $6.50 (more than enough for a meal)
(local)Pizza Shuttle: 2 10" pies for $10. Shuttle is so good.
Pizza Hut: $20 for dinner, including tip, usually.

I paid $11 for a large three-topping pizza the other night for my son & me. We ate most of it for dinner and the rest the next morning for breakfast. Yum!

You’re gonna miss Pizza Shuttle . . .

I like to get the uncooked pizzas from Papa John’s and cook 'em when I get home. That costs about $10, depending on toppings, for a medium, which is big enough for two hungry people or one glutton plus 2 slices for breakfast.

Bigger than Medium, and I couldn’t carry it home on my scooter. Besides, I hate pizza for breakfast.

Yup. 5 bucks. Large pizza.

$17.15 (with tax) for a large specialty pizza every other Friday night without fail. And it’s really good, too.

It should be noted that the “large” pizzas one acquires from chains like Domino’s and Papa John’s do not come close to achieving the diameter of those from reputable pizzarias.

If I feel like cooking it, Papa John’s for about ten bucks or so. If I want the really good stuff, about twice that for Pizza Mondo… but then I absolutely have to pitch in another dollar for one of their amazing brownies.

Of course, every now and then I have to have one of the frozen Totino’s pizzas you can get in the freezer section. Damn, those are tasty- and you can’t beat the price (less than three bucks for the deluxe).

About $14 for a large pepperoni pizza from Modern Apizza in New Haven (which I prefer over Sally’s or Pepe’s).

Super size 16" Italian Deluxe with everything but the kitchen sink $7.88 at Sam’s!

Close to $20 (U.S. of course) for a three-topping from L’il Ricci’s. Feeds me three times.

I luckily(?) have a Dominoe’s right around the corner from me who know me well. I can get a small Cheese for $5.45. On days of Cubs home games I can get a large for the same price!

Good (edible when you’re not half in the bag) pizza is more in the $20 range.

$15 for a large pizza with two toppings, I think it is $13 for plain and one topping is free. Then we tip the delivery guy $3.

This is from our neighborhood pizzaria in Brooklyn. We realized recently that the price on the menu went up (+ $2), but apparently we’re grandfathered in to the old price – I guess this is like rent control, only it’s pizza control. Like friedo mentioned, it is much larger than a large pizza from a chain. Sometimes when we are on vacation, I marvel at the bargain price for a pizza, and then get peeved when there isn’t any pizza for breakfast the next day.

Little Ceasar’s provides me with $5 large pepperoni pizza and a side of crazy bread. I love that place so much. They just opened one across from my house too…mmmm, five dollar pizza.

You have to cook your own Papa Johns? :eek: Just ordered some Papa Johns tonight. MMMM

About nine dollars. There’s a place down the street run by very respectable Pakistani folks. I can get about three person-meals out of a pizza.

$5.95 Australian (about $4.50US) for one large pizza from Pizza Hut with a coupon, $9.95 without. Dominos regular price is $6.95. Most small pizzarias charge about $7.95-$8.95. We (Australians) don’t tip and the price includes tax.

I’m guessing buying a pizza would cost me several hundred dollars. About $10 for the pizza itself, then the rest for the ER visit to deal with the allergic reaction to the spices in the sauce. Did you know an itchy tongue is a warning of anaphylaxis? I didn’t until after the first and only time I tried Papa John’s.Even ordering it white isn’t a good idea since trace amounts of basil will screw me over. Sometimes I get the worst cravings for pizza with sauce, like Pizza Hut, too… :frowning:

Depending on toppings, pizzas here run about $30 for a 16-inch. This makes pizza a very rare event in the Sublight household. :frowning: Probably for the best, though. If I ate pizza now like I did in college I’d be twice my current weight.