How Much Does a New, Good-Quality Mink Coat Go For?

One of the advantages of working in a big publshing form–OK, the only advantage–is the “free table,” where samples, beauty products bribes, recipe tryouts, books, get left for us to root through.

I occaisionally emerge from the scrim with some shampoo or the galleys of a new book which might or might not be any good.But tonight I wound up swathed neck-to-ankle in what appeared to be a drop-dead floorlength mink! Examining the tag assured me it was made of Fakelon, and only stuffed animals died in its creation. I gotta admit, this is the best fake I’ve ever seen, Good, thick, smooth nap. I look just like Tallulah Bankhead on her way to court!

I can’t wait for hippies to throw paint on me next winter! Now, I have never priced a fake fur coat. What would a brand-new, good-quality one go for?

J. Mendel says no less than $10K

Link didn’t work. But as much as I love my Tallulosity in this warm snuggly Minkelon, I’d drop it for ten big ones before you could say, “Prince Grimaldi!”

HHhmmm…Worked for me just now, I’ll try the non-fancy un-parsed variety, it’s a nice little read.

I just picture you and your muff wrapped in mink!

I think Duke of Rat was looking at real minks; this faux mink goes for about 125 bucks. It’s used, but I can’t imagine it costing more than a few hundred brand new.

I bet you look stunning in it. Does wearing it create an odd compulsion to call everyone “Darling”?