How much does it cost to put in a bathroom?

The wife and I were looking at a house today that was right up our alley. Hardwood floors, two car garage, good sized yard, great neighborhood, three bedrooms, and only one bathroom. The house is pretty much perfect except for that one drawback, the one and only bathroom.

If anyone has experience with this sort of thing, how much are we talking? It wouldn’t even have to be a full bath. A half-bath would be fine (sink and toilet only), just somewhere to go if the other bathroom is occupied.

A two-holer is not that much more expensive than a one-holer.

The cost can be almost anywhere in a wide range. Depends on how elaborate you want to get (a toilet can be under $100 or over $1000, and so can a tub); how much carpentry is involved (is this going to be in a converted existing room or some new construction), how close to the existing plumbing it will be (if a new soil pipe is needed, that will take a lot of work, but if the new bath is on top of the current one, maybe not), how much of the work can you do yourself, etc.

Talk to a few contractors, or maybe the inspector who looked over the house for you (you did have that done, right?).

Get an idea of how big you want your bathroom to be as well as the dimensions and start taking bids from contractors. The more specific you are about what you want, the better. Have a written plan ready; it doesn’t need to be a blueprint, just some kind of sketch of what you want, with measurements. We found that the bids ran all over the place, from $4K all the way up to $20K (for a small toilet & shower!). Good luck.

BTW, we ran out of money doing other house stuff, so maybe next year!