How much does water damage repair for carpets cost?

Had a minor flooding issue and ended up soaking half a room’s worth of carpet pretty badly. Got a carpet cleaning guy in here who used a shop vac to suck out some water, lifted up the carpet and tore out the padding. I’m running a blower over the carpet to dry it out tonight and tomorrow he’ll come to replace the padding and staple down the carpet again.

After he left, it occured to me that I forgot to ask how much that would cost, and I have no idea. It was clean water so the carpet is salvagable, only the padding needs to be replaced, and if I had to guess at the square footage of the affected area, I’d say maybe 120 square feet.

Any idea what a reasonable charge would be? I’d at least like to get an idea of whether or not I was being ripped off.

Your better bet is to call a competing firm without mentioning that the work is already being done by the first guy. Describe the damage over the phone, tell them what you want done and get them to give a rough estimate. Tell them you’ll think about it and call back.

My brother just had this done, but he had to have the carpet replaced. Actually, no one even mentioned simply replacing the pad but maybe his carpet was different than yours.

Anyway, you do need to call. I mean, my bro’s was a 12x11 room, padding and remnant carpet installed. It just over $500 I believe. About $380 of that was the cost of the carpet itself.