How much exactly is a "chord?"

Let’s say I’m going to go camping and I want to buy firewood. They offer it in “chords.” How much wood would I be getting?

It’s a cord – 128 cubic feet.

One cord of wood is 4’ x 4’ x 8’, or 128 cubic feet. Enough to make a whole bunch of campfires.

Must be a long camping trip.
A ‘cord’ is a pile 4 x 4 x 8 ft.

It’s “cord,” and it’s the amount of wood in 4 feet x 4 ft. x 8 ft. A rick is less formal, but it’s usually 4 ft. x 8 ft. x the length of the wood.

You may have seen a Honda Accord with a vanity plate reading “4X4X8.”

:smack: That’s why Google yielded nada. Thanks folks! I knew it was a hefty amount but wanted to know for sure.

Apropos of not much, we’re talking firewood rather than a solid 4x4x8 chunk, so how it’s stacked varies the actual amount of wood you end up with.
(My grandfather’s rule of thumb was “loose enough for a rat to get through, tight enough so the cat can’t follow it.”)

Since this has already been answered…

How much is a chord? Usually about 3 notes. :smiley:

Watch out for woodcutters offering “face cords”, which are exactly half of a cord: 2x4x8

Colorful… and cool. :slight_smile:

Umm, why do you have to watch out for them?? Because they aren’t clear that it isn’t a regular cord or they’re charging you as much as a full cord would cost??

Assuming that the price and quality of the wood are in line, and that they’re being honest, I would think there are times when a face cord would be just the thing. As people have pointed out, a full cord is quite a lot sometimes.

How much is a chord? That depends on the quality of the musician and whether or not he or she is seeking Union scale.

Exactly. You got to consider the space between the logs. What kind of wood, etc.

And if the musician is forgetful, you might find him singing a sad song about “The Lost Chord.”

I thought a face cord was a third of a cord. When I was buying wood, it was typically 16" long, so there were three stacks in a cord.

I thought a face cord was a 4 foot by 8 foot stack of wood with a “depth” of anything less than 4 feet.

Yes, you are correct. I looked it up after posting; there is no standard depth for a face cord.

I recently paid $30 for 1/4 cord, but that was BBQ quality wood, not campfire/fireplace-grade stuff (and I didn’t drive out to the country, where it’s cheaper). Wood not meant for cooking goes for 1/2 to 3/4 as much, in my experience.
A full cord of oak was going for $90, that’s a pretty big stack of wood, though.