How much is a Yamaha SY-77 worth these days?

As part of the ongoing simplification of my life, I’m selling my keyboard synth. It’s a Yamaha SY-77. It has a stand, pedals, manual, and a demo disk.

It’s part of an old life possibility, when I was taking music lessons. I never learned to play, though, and if I was going to pick up music again, I’d probably go for building it in my computer rather than playing it.

I think that I got it for around $650, used, around 10 years ago. What’s it worth these days?

Bother. I meant to post this in IMHO. Could someone move it for me?


Happy to oblige.



And to answer your question, I found two on Ebay with Buy It Now prices of $300 - and one at Legacy Sound Service for $525. Looks like you made a good buy - and it’s held its value.

Uh…wait a minute…I need a new keyboard…You know, uh, those old Yamahas never hold their value well at all. Yeah, that’s the ticket. You can sell it to me for, uh, say, $50 - and I’ll even pay for the shipping.


Thanks, Rico.

I went looking on the Toronto pages of craigslist and found someone selling the same model for $470 with a hard case. I do not have a hard case, so I knocked off $75, made a flyer, and started emailing my friends. I already have several promises to send the message on to musician friends. Away we go!