How much M*A*S*H is too much?

I don’t have satellite or cable, but don’t watch that much TV offline, anyway. I do have a digital decoder and the broadcast stations have discovered that, rather than wasting bandwidth on HD stuff, they can show antique reruns and old movies on multiple channels. The other day I did surf the channels a few times and, over the course of the day, found that MASH was shown on at least three unrelated channels. One channel was doing a marathon and happened to be showing the movie so I settled in on it, but even without the marathon three channels showing MASH at various times seems excessive. Is it even worse with cable or satellite? Can you really watch MAS*H 24 hours a day?

I remember hearing Harry Morgan on the radio a few years ago and they mentioned to him that MASH is, indeed, on somewhere in the world 24 hours a day. He said, “Oh, great, more reasons to be nervous all the time,” and laughed.

Yeah ,it’s on a ton here too.

When I was young, you could watch MASH 3 times a day Tues. - Fri. (6:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., and 11:00 p.m.), and a fabulous 4 times on Monday, when there was also a brand new episode at 9:00 p.m. It was a great time to be alive. However, it still wasn’t enough for me, and I dreamed that someday I would be so rich that I could own the original tapes of MASH (I pictured them on reels in giant flat metal canisters) and watch them (by running them through a projector and showing them on a big white pulldown screen) any time I wanted.

I cried the day I received the complete DVD collection as a birthday gift.

Is any amount of MASH really enough? :wink:

When I was in highschool, Simpsons reruns were on one channel or another for a stretch of about three hours. It wasn’t unusual for me to watch the whole block (I actually hadn’t watched the first ten or so seasons when they first aired, so they were new to me).

Moral of story: its apparently possible to watch hours of your favorite sitcom for hours on end several days in a row without getting sick of it. I imagine the same holds for MASH.

How much MAS*H is too much?

Any. That show sucked.

I rarely agree with Clothahump, but he makes a valid point.

Jeez, I hardly ever post these days but I came in here just to say:


The two posters above me - you speak the truth!

And really, these days it would be easier to watch 24 hours of Family Guy or Two and a Half Men than MASH.

MASH was pretty good, until it started to take itself too seriously.

I’d say that if you watch it more than once or twice a week, you have a problem.

I’ve always liked the show, but it began being shown too much about 20-25 years ago. Since then, I can barely watch a full episode (the early years in particular…after Henry left, and especially after Frank left).

I don’t think it’s broadcast around here anymore, and have never troubled to look it up on cable. I liked it as a kid, though. If I actually made the effort to go and find it, probably two eps a day would be enough for me.

I started a thread recently about having watched the entire series over a period of a couple of weeks. So I think I’m done with it for a while.

Totally agree with Clothahump. I dated a guy yonks ago that was addicted to the damn show. Aaugh! Mere words cannot convey how much I hate that show. (And the guy.)

The theme music for that show always depressed the he’ll out of me as a child and still does today. I used to watch it with my Gramp all the time growing up. I can still hear every note in my head.

I like MASH. I will gladly watch it whneever it is on. But I only started to watch it a few years ago, so maybe I haven’t gotten sick of it yet

Law & Order is the new MASH. Between various versions, at least half a dozen times a day on at least 4 channels.

I didn’t even know until recently there’s a Law & Order UK that shows on BBC America.

I will always watch Hogans Heroes anytime I find it on. Loved that show since junior high school.

I watched all the MASH episodes several times. Eventually burned out on it.

When MAS*H was first on television, the war in Vietnam was current and friends and loved ones were there. That made a big difference. A lot of people were disgruntled when the show took a serious turn at the end of the third season with the death of Col. Blake. Those next few years were some of television’s best writing ever. But even with the best combination of cast members, the stories started to become repetitious. It’s hard to put eleven seasons of war stories into three (?) years of war at the front in Korea.

At one point I watched (and sometimes just listened) to MASH enough that I could recognize the show by the opening lines. I wrote a trivia book on the show. The publisher held onto the submission, waiting to see how their Complete Book of MAS*H did. I don’t know how sales did, but I married, changed my name and moved away. I had lost interest in the project anyway. (There was another trivia book out by the time I submitted mine, but I think mine was more thorough.)

I did get to meet Mike Farrell because of the book in a round about way. I met William Christopher at a very ordinary autograph session. Both were warm and extremely kind. Christopher was particularly good with children. I have a script of the final episode ever filmed of MASH autographed by Alan Alda. It wasn’t the final farewell. It was the burial of the time capsule episode that was filmed last.

In the early 1980s I would sometimes cry when I talked with close friends about what the show meant to me and what I came away with from it.

Everyone sees MASH differently. It depends on who you are and where you’ve been.

I hadn’t watched any episodes in a long time until a few weeks ago. Not only did I not recognize the opening lines, I didn’t remember the episode itself. I grow old. I grow old.

Those of you saying MASH sucks need to hush yo damn moufs.

shakes fist


How much MAS*H is too much?

About half as much as I’ve seen.

It was good until its final three seasons, when Alan Alda turned it into his own personal sensitive-80s-guy-psychobabble show.