How much should I sell this for?

I have a P3-450 w/ 96 meg of Ram, 4X CD Writer, DVD, 10 Gig Harddrive and a Voodoo 3000 video card (No Monitor). How much can this bring on the open market without being to much of a hassle I was thinking around $800? Can anyone give me any reason to ask for more or less $$$$$?


If you list it on eBay or some other Internet auction site you can set a minimum bid or reserve of $800. If it sells, you will owe a small commission to eBay. If not, you are out nothing (as I understand it; I have never sold anything through eBaby). Make sure you state explicitly that the buyer pays the shipping charges.

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Mail order list price for a brand new system you describe is ~$1100 at NexGen Technologies. My rule of thumb is that used stuff is worth about 1/2 list price, so I would pay around $550.

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You can check for what those are now selling for with the search. Generally, they are dirt cheap on ebay, ANY computer item.

A local newspaper ad probably gets the most money.

Sans monitor your system is worth approx
$ 650-725 +/- used to an educated buyer and 800’s not out of the question although I sort of doubt you’ll see that number selling it on Ebay. Some of your nicer system enhancements like the vodoo 3000 are primarily of interest to gamers and the 450 mhz range is getting a little pokey to interest this cohort. I sure you have lots more invested in the system but that’s Moore’s law and it’s derivatives for you.

Re maximizing return You would be better off removing the DVD and CD writer and selling them separately on Ebay and just putting in a standard CD athough this raises the PITA level with three transactions and shipping required.

A good quideline is to check Ebay for used prices and then Dell’s website to see what new systems with full warranties are selling for. The latter is often as instructive as the former. Everthing is so cheap (inexpensive) now.

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