How much variety & realism is available in breast augmentation?

It seems that there are many men who know all about which breasts have or have not been augmented; yet none of the ones I’ve heard opine on the subject are plastic surgeons.

What is actually possible nowadays? Can a woman get breast augmentation that look like “real” breasts—only gravity hasn’t had such an effect on them? Can they pretty well mimic most types of breasts?

Please feel free to be as full in your answering as possible, 'cos I’m clueless here.

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Comestic surgeons are biased. They won’t tell a girl, that she’s too flat chested, that is, doesn’t have enough extra skin or body fat to “hide” the implant. Which is why you end up with most people looking like there’s two halves of a grapefruit on their chest. Which I think is the most common way to tell an boob job.

The best implants I’ve seen are on average to full figured women, who have enough body fat to cover the implants or women who after losing weight or having children RETURN to their original size; they already have the skin and structure to support the implants.

That’s the underlying problem…women going too big and doctors being to greedy to tell them no. To answer your question, yes they can, but only if they’re realistic about the limitations of their own bodies and the skill of the surgeon.

Some women are meant to be an “A” cup.

First off, plastic surgeons will rarely respond with “I think your breasts are just fine, you don’t need implants.” That means thousands of bucks walking out the door, and possibly just down the block to another PS who will swallow his opinion and do the surgery.

IMHO, the biggest problem with implants is that they don’t behave like normal boobs. Normal breast tissue will flatten out if, for example, you lie on your back with your arms above your head. The tissues move, they redistribute themselves under the skin, and they flatten in all directions. Implants don’t have the same degree of elasticity / freedom of movement, so they stick out abnormally in certain postures.