Are Britney Spears' breasts real or not?

I’ve heard numerous people claim that she has had her mams augmented, yet others refute that and say that they’re 100% real… So are they fake or not?

I think the more important question is, who gives a rat’s ass?

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There is a very funny Web site out there which delves deeply into this burning issue: The Mystery of Brittany Spear’s Breasts.

I am partial to this editorial . . .

I’m not sure. As soon as I can perform the taste test I’ll let you know.


And if so, for how much longer?

Yes, they’re real.

She’s just very clever at making the most of her assets.

After seeing the evidence, I’m now convinced that Ms. Spears’ breasts are inflatable.

Wonder where she keeps the pump…

This thread reminded me of an article I saw a while ago. I hope she doesn’t take it too far.

If she pops on over to my place to for a couple of hours I’ll be able to give you the straight dope on it.

Is there a discussion forum in the world where this question hasn’t come up???

Yes. They are real. That’s all I can say, but I am 100% sure.

Yeah, I saw a picture of her that was taken after she supposedly had her breast augmentation where she was laying on her back, and I am 100% sure they are real. That and the fact that there are some very revealing pics of her where her breasts appear much smaller than in the pics that some people use as evidence that she got an implant.

Just some very well-done bra stuffing going on, is all.

Oh they’re not fake. She just gained some weight.

Of course, when I gain weight it goes straight to my ass and thighs …

We could ask Justin Timberlake or Colin Ferrel. Perhaps one of them is a Doper in disguise

Ya know, I too have studied this strange phenomenon, and the conclusion I have come to is that they’re real, but she’s got some other things stuffed under the hood.

Here’s why I think that:
Their sizes seem to vary, even after the allegations of the augmentation surgery, and if she had gotten them enlarged, wouldn’t they stay enlarged?

There is not a female celebrity in the world for whom you couldn’t find a series of photos in which their cup size appeared to be a variety of different sizes.

I looked at the Web site and the Flash video, and I don’t see convincing evidence she’s had synthetic fun bags installed. As already pointed out, many post-alleged-surgery shots suggest she has only average tatas, and I doubt she’s been going in for breast enhancement and reduction surgery every week. The still shots from “Crossroads” pretty much shoot the boob job theories to hell. My guess is she just wears pushup bras when she wants to make 'em look massive.

No, they are a figment of your imagination.

They aren’t real, they’re just part of the matrix coding…

The left one is real. The right one is fake.