Make My boobies One more size!

I found this on the net, and it is kinda like a flash documentary on Britanny’s breast size. Quite Funny!

I wonder if those pictures are real or if there’s been some photoshopping done?!? Seems kinda strange that the size changes so much and so drastically.

Why is this a brain teaser? She’s wearing a padded, squash 'em together push 'em up bra in the “headlight” pics and as time goes by she’s getting older and is slightly heavier (and bustier) than when she was pubescent.

It doesn’t seem to be anything that can’t be explained by a couple extra helpings of potato salad now and then.

Man, that’s a new one - stuffing potato salad into her bra?

The one that throws me is the crossroads capture. There’s no way that the :eek: :eek:s that were in the Australia beach pictures would fit into that outfit in the movie.

Theories: 1) inflatable implants (kinda like the Nike pump sneaker), 2) she really filmed Crossroads three years ago, or 3) her breasts were digitally minimized in the movie in hopes of keeping away the “dirty old man” factor.


My personal theory: Falsies. They can get fake, non-implanted tits to glue over your real danglies that look just as good from a distance.

Either that, or there are - horror of horrors! - several Britney clones running around, some with gazongas, and some that are pulling the board imitation shtick.

B]SPOOFE**, nah. There’s a (real) picture on the net of her on a topless beach in Australia. You don’t see everything, but there’s at least a C cup worth of skin showing in the most revealing one.

The “headlights” picture, if I remember correctly, occured shortly after she had to spend a month on her ass because of a leg injury. Sometimes, when a teenage girl who usually burns a ton of calories relative to what they eat (gymnasts, dancers, anorexics) will get a major growth spurt if/when the ratio becomes more balanced. If you notice in the headlights picture, it’s not just her boobs. She’s got more tummy, wider hips, wider waist, and even a fuller face.

Then, when she went back on her normal schedule, she dropped some of the weight and went back down to a slightly smaller size (C probably, looks like B in some outfits, d with a push-up).

Non of which explains how they shrunk for the movie scene.


I, uh… I, uhh…

I’ll be back in a minute!

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If those photos are unretouched, then something is really not right. In searching a bit, I found “verification” for three of the more radically different photos, and they appear to unretouched.

Very odd.

I checked it out, and indeed it looks like something is very wrong. Or just weird.

I go for the inflatable implant thing.

How dare you talk about the future ex Mrs. BurnMeUp like that!

I think that she must be using silicone breast forms in some of those pics. A push up bra can only do so much. Some breast forms are very realistic. So much so that I’m not going to post a link, but you can checkout a UK site called amazingbreasts.

My chest is perhaps a little larger than hers in the Crossroads photographs (A cup going on B), and there is NO way anyone could get them to look like they did in those last two photographs without gluing something over them.

The whole weight gain thing explains how she got so large in the Nickelodeon awards picture, but how on God’s green earth did she get from what she was while filming Crossroads to the massive rack she’s sporting during her HBO concert, since she’s SO thin there? Really, I’d love to know-- a pushup bra won’t make me look like more than a B, and I want a chest, damnit! :slight_smile:

Let me be the judge of that.

All kidding aside, I don’t think she’s had agumentation, I think two things have happened over the years:

  1. She’s had a growth spurt. Perhaps she’s now a C.
  2. She uses pushup bras or minimizers (ie regular bras…) in different settings depending on the reaction she’s going for.

I can’t figure out Britney’s expanding universe, but if you want make the front of your sweater more, um, eye-catching, peruse this Bodyperks site

They sell an exaggerated nipple that fits over your own.

[Homer Simpson] Mmmmmmm, Britney’s hooters [/Homer Simpson]

I have never been personally inclined to believe that Ms. Spears’ hooters were implants.

However, after watching the flash movie in the OP, one can only conclude the obvious: Britney is a morphing alien from outer space, who will soon run for office of President of the United States. :eek: (refer to film, “Species”)

MSK, don’t forget Cecil’s column:Could a member of an extraterrestrial species be U.S. president?

Yeah, I realized that one second after clicking “submit.” I figured most of the “reg’s” would get the inside joke, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

or not…that was the best thing I’ve watched in a while. Yowza!