How much weekly moderate-intensity aerobic activity do you get?

U.S. guidelines here.

(If you primarily are doing vigorous intensity activities, roughly convert it to moderate activity hours)

Also curious what your primary moderate or vigorous aerobic activities are…

I voted 5.5 to 7 of moderate.

I actually get about 5 to 6 hours of moderate-vigorous exercise a week, most weeks: usually three days of cycling to and from work (total of an hour a day, riding at a HR of between 165 and 190), and at least two days, sometimes three, of bootcamp (minimum of an hour a class, HR between 165 and 190). Once in a while I’ll do a long ride or go for a run, but it’s not a scheduled event or anything.

I also walk the dog and stuff, but my HR is probably pretty low then - maybe 120 or 130.

I do 4.5 hours a week of barbell training (i.e., full-body compound lifts for 5 reps each set) and probably another 3-4 hours per week of walking. I didn’t vote because I can’t be arsed to convert this into whatever the poll is asking for exactly.

8 hours a week.

I try to walk six miles/day, Tuesday through Friday. But lately the hot weather has truncated this down to three miles (just the morning commute). I don’t walk when it’s above 95 degrees F.

To be honest, though, my walking speed is not very fast. Especially on the walk back home. Which is why I try to walk as much as I do. I like to think going the distance makes up for the lower intensity.

I do an hour to an hour and a half of barn work every day: mucking manure and wet shavings from stalls and the run-in, pushing laden wheelbarrows on uneven terrain, scrubbing empty and lugging filled water buckets, lifting and carrying (short distances) hay bales (40-60 pounds each), shavings bags (ditto), feed sacks (ditto), vigorously sweeping the barn aisle – lots of lifting, brisk walking, bending, twisting, etc. I am not constantly breathing hard and sweating, but I’m doing both regularly during the daily routine.

I voted 5.5 to 7 of moderate, which may be giving myself too much credit, but OTOH it’s every day, no days off (and I’ll be leaving shortly to do the first of two daily sessions of care for my two horses at the farm where they board).

At age 63, there’s an excess of blubber on me, but there’s a lot of toned muscle under it.

If it wasn’t for jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle and yanking people’s chains, I wouldn’t get any exercise at all!

I get around 6-7 hours of moderate activity equivalent a week; I go for a walk/run daily every morning, except when there is inclement weather, which isn’t very often, for about 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer, I went for an hour the other day, I run half the distance then walk back at a brisk pace, as in faster than most people walk; I also tend to walk faster than most people when just walking somewhere, even though I am on the short side), and I also lift weights several days a week for about the same time (I try to do it hard enough so my muscles feel sore the next day or two, I wait until it goes away before doing it again, every 2-3 days).

I run 3-4 times per week for anywhere from 30-60 minutes per outing.

3-4 hours on the stationary bike, but I usually do it at the middle setting (simulating a slight incline), interspersed with 1-2 minute stints at the maximum (“steepest”) setting. That would probably be classified as something more than “moderate” I’d guess tho.

Probably around 7 hours. I do an hour in the gym (heavy elliptical, then more relaxed bike, sometimes classes) 4-5 times a week. I try to job/run on the other days, and I commute on foot so there is a LOT of walking in between.

Other, as in ‘None’. Do not work out, do not run.

I run for 30 to 45 minutes (usually 45 unless I’m rushed), 5-6 times per week, which puts me squarely in the “2.5 to 4 hours/week” range. Funny, on the poll above that makes me look like a bit of a slug, whereas in actuality I am fairly proud that I maintain such a decent level of regular exercise.

When my wrist is feeling good, 3-hours of badminton a week, 2-4 hours of squash. Add to that some bicycling and softball in the summer, and ball hockey in the winter. I said 7+.

I get nearly 20 hours a week, but some of it is light instead of moderate: 15-18 hours of physical work (delivering newspapers with a bike) and then a few hours of walking or bicycling to places. Sometimes during winter if it snows a lot it can even be over 20 hours of vigorous exercise, but that is rather wearying.

The fact most of it is work means it doesn’t matter what the weather is like or how I am feeling, I get my exercise every week. Needless to say, I’m in a pretty good shape. :wink:

This is me too. I do many hours of walking - often 3 or 4 hours a day on weekends - listening to MP3s. I am not walking for aerobic fitness, just to stop my body seizing up so I am in no hurry.