How Much Would it Cost to Get an Extreme Makeover?

Don’t ask me why, but for some unfathomable reason I am utterly fascinated by the TV show Extreme Makeover. I think it just kind of boggles my mind that now anybody can be beautiful—all it takes is enough money. How much would it cost to get the type of makeover that is typically shown on the show? More than $100,000? Less than $100,000? What’s the price of beauty?

You could try to figure it out because some websites tell you approximate prices for each procedure and then add them up. For example here are the approximate prices for the following:
Nose Job $3500
Breast Implants $4000
Liposuction $1500 - $3000+(depending on how many areas of the body)
Eye Lift $3500

Then add it all up, but if you do a few things all at once, the costs might be lower because in each individual approximate cost it includes paying for the operating room, the anesthesiologist, and the other hospital costs. If you get a whole bunch of things done at the same time, then the time of the anesthesiologist is less, the operating room time, supplies, hospital visits is reduced, because you don’t have to pay for those things every single procedure you are having done.
Get it?

Of course, a lot depends upon how “extreme” you are to start with. :wink: