How much would you pay to see Brad Pitt nekkid?

So I’m trying to raise a little moolah for a motorcycle and I’m just wondering if anybody knows what I could sell my Playgirl with the nudie pictures of Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow for on eBay (or wherever). Could I even really sell it on eBay? I mean, I consider it a collector’s item, but maybe I’m just a freak.

Anyway, the mag’s in mint condition–although it has been thumbed ;).

My little moolah’s not raisin’ for a nekkid Brad Pitt.

Maybe Andy Dick, but that could just be me. :wink:

depends on how big his dick is… im a size queen.

I wouldn’t pay a dime…I have a link to free snaps of Brad Pitt and his ding-dong (no, not Jennifer Aniston) on the Internet. :smiley:

Now if you had asked how much would I pay to see Brad Pitt nekkid stretched out on my bed…well, then we’d be talkin’ real money. But just pictures? Naw…

An obscure Austrailan magazine that had five photos of the members of ABBA working out in a gym just went for $209!

I wouldn’t pay a dime for nekkid Brad, but I bet some people would. Put it on for 10 days, maybe with a high reserve, and see what happens.

Why pay… I live with Brad Pitt (in my dreams).

Once you have one of them are they not all the same.
Size is not everything it is how u use it.


However, i AM the only human who wouldn’t mind seeing Mr. Nader in teh buff

sorry Guin…:o

I would rather gouge my own eyes out. retch

Only thing is, I can’t verify if he’s cut or not. I just assume he is. And what a bush! :wink:

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I have seen naked pictures of Brad on the net, but each one has his privates of various size.

Well that happens, you know. Didn’t you see the Seinfeld about “shrinkage”?

He’s definitely cut–too bad.

And I’m gonna give him the benefit of a doubt that he’s relaxed in these pics.

The one where he’s sort of pinching his nipple (and dancing?) is cute, I guess it’d be worth something to a hard core Brad Pitt fan, which I’m not.

But hey there’s a naked Scot lounging in an upflipped kilt and a menage á trois pictorial with some moving men, so maybe I’ll keep it after all.
Herk, herk. Nah, I don’t think so. I was just wondering what a reasonable reserve might be for such a “collector’s item.”

Your opinion, not mine… :wink:

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Once you go native, er, taste the natural goodness, you don’t go back.

Plus, it’s fun to blow flesh bubbles with the foreskin.

Did you see the one with Brittney’s breasts in various sizes. I’ll go there, whose guys go look at Mr. Pitt.

Actually I should have said that I saw the SAME photo of Pitt with privates of various sizes.

As for Britney’s Breasts, nope.

I’d pay to not see him naked.

Brad Pitt does absolutely nothing for me.

I’d pay everything I have for him to keep his clothes on.

How much would I give to see him naked?

Time? Money? Valuables? Nah;…he’s an unrewarding exchange.

He’s just another Hollywood baby boy , fresh out of school who they try to pass off as a man.

Now he’s growing a fuzzy little soulpatch and like stuff of hairy texture, hoping it will get the same response from the girls as Apolo Anton Ohno’s did.

The girls just SWoooooNED over Apolo and the internet was jammed with new websites devoted to him. Those are the facts. Brad is’nt good looking in an outstanding way , while Apolo is.

Brad Pitt , Tom Cruise(sp?) , and all the others ; they are not really individualistic for me. They are all a bore ; copy Cats.

Besides, they can’t sing.