How often do mods check a thread

I assume you have to look at all the threads in your area. But how do you keep up on neverending threads? Do you get emails from dopers warning you of a heated arguement in MPSIMS? Do you have some 6th sense on these things? How the hell do you get your power!

Prescience. I knew you were gonna ask this. Our vocal skepticism on the paranormal and psuedoscience is subterfuge.

Basically, yes.

If we can’t keep up, it’s time to close them. But rest assured, there’s a good chance that a “Threadkillers” kind of thread (soon to be extinct, BTW) isn’t reviewed after page 3 unless something happens. Which brings us to the following point:

I do, and I’m happy to be assisted this way. It’s good to know a lot of people care just as much about the wellbeing of this MB as we do.

No, but a little intuition does enter into it, I suppose. Hard to explain, but sometimes trouble arises in very predictable corners of the MB.

Me, I fell into the kettle of Magic Potion when I was a baby. The others have to drink their daily dose of it, lest they lose their abilities.

I knew you were gonna post that, Coldy.

Only one cup a day, Unc. Dammit, don’t make me tell Bodoniacacourcix about this!

[sub]I’m pretty sure these references are too obscure for non-Europeans… right?[/sub]

Nah, that just reminded me to take my wild boar off the spit, Coldfire.


Funny lads, those Romans.

Not necessarily. How are the menhir deliveries going then?


Coldy’s talking about characters in the Asterix the Gaul books. I see that prescience doesn’t imply omniscience. :smiley:

The menhirs are running smoothly, saleswise. Especially since we dug that tunnel to Britanica. See, the Caledons fancy a good menhir, ya know :wink: