How often do you cut your toenails?

I never marked the calendar before, but I recently cut them just before leaving on a month-long trip. I’ve been back for two weeks, and just cut them today, and they didn’t really need it all that bad, so I would say every two months is probably typical.

About once a month or a little longer; I have a couple problem nails that need the attention so I just do them all while I’m at it. I spend a lot of time on my feet and check them to some degree almost daily though.

I give myself a pedicure every 2-3 weeks.

I get a pedicure about once a month.

Weekly, but I am a competitive tennis player. If I don’t they will break off and that’s bad.

Fingernails every 7 to 10 days; toenails about every 4 weeks.

Toenails- Never? they just seem to grow to a certain length and then stop.

Every two and a half to eight weeks.

As seldom as possible. I get squicked out cutting toe nails. So I tend tyo put it off.

I get squicked out cutting fingernails too, but I do those more often as people can see them. (Although, I do leave my thumbnail slightly longer, but not noticeably so, for utility purposes.)

My faithful dog is my alert system on trimming time. If I’m barefoot walking across the kitchen tile floor and my loud toenail clacking causes my dog to howl in terror, then it’s almost time.

I know I should cut my toenails, but I just can’t stop chewing them. It’s a tough habit to beak.

About once every other week, I will check out the current crop. Usually, only three or four of them are ready, and I clip those. In a few weeks, I’ll get some of the rest of them. Since only the short survive, eventually, they all get trimmed.