How often do you talk to your parents?

I talk to my mother maybe 2 or 3 times a month, usually to arrange for her to come over and see the kids. Sometimes she’ll stay for dinner, sometimes not. I’ve only talked to my father about 5 times in the last 10 years. SmithWife talks to her parents almost every day. For a while she was limiting her mother to once or twice a week (here mom has a sort of empty life, and tries to fill it up with pestering my wife), but her dad isn’t well, so she’s talking to them and seeing them more. They live about 45 minutes away, and she sees them about once a week, I’d reckon, on average. I usually only see my mom when she comes over to see the kids.

So, how often do you talk to your folks? Please include your gender, if you don’t mind, because I think this is a Mars/Venus-type thing.

Less than once a month. Me and my mother, while in a better place than we have been for years, just don’t see eye-to-eye on anything. She’s very ultra-religious and doesn’t approve of much I do, particularly not my boyfriend (of 9 years, it’s a bit late mom).

Last time I saw my mom was…years and years ago.

I do talk to my aunts about once a week. I am not much of a family-type person and even less of a phone-type person. Last time I saw my aunts was a couple of weeks ago, when I went on vacation with them. I honestly would see/call them more but they live in Colorado while I am in NY. It’s amazing what a 2-hour time difference can do to you.


I talk to my parents once a week, every Saturday morning, and we email pretty regularly throughout the week. I haven’t seen them for a year, though, because we live 10000 miles apart (I’m in Australia, they’re in the U.S.). When we lived in the same country, I used to speak to my mother a few times a week, but hardly ever spoke to my dad on the phone. We used to see them about once a month. Now, it’s sort of an event for them when I call, so they both get on the phone. I’m female.

My husband talks to his mom on the phone once very couple weeks. She lives about 10 hours away. We’ve seen her twice in the past year. When we lived in the U.S. and she was here in Australia (along with my FIL who is now deceased), my husband still spoke to them every couple weeks. He saw them twice in a 10 year period.

Incidentally, my brother (of the Mars type), speaks to my mom once a week, also (he has Sunday nights).

My daughter spends every other weekend with my father, so I see him at least every other week, speak to him once a week or so, and have him over for dinner once every couple of months or so.

I haven’t spoken to my mother in over a year.


I’m female. When I’m away and nothing earthshaking is going on, I call Mom once a week. She calls her mom once a week. She and her sister call each other once a week - one of them calls one week, the other one calls the other week. Right now Mom is at her parents’ because Grandma has had her 15-years-overdue cataracts surgery; I’ve been calling almost daily and Mom has even gasp occasionally called me.

When I was living in Miami and since calling Spain was so expensive, I only called every other week. There were still months I paid more for phone than rent: Mom doesn’t see any reason to hang up when it’s the other person who pays. Thanks, God, for Skype!

I speak to my mom every day, and my das about three-four times a week (he lives in another province).

We are all very close, but I am closer to my dad, because of what we have gone through together.

I would like to add that my hubby calls his mom everyday too. It’s usually just a quick “How are you?” call.

I call Mom every week. Dad has passed. I see Mom on most of the Holidays. XMas, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor day and Thanksgiving. I have friends who live in her area and so I will sometimes see her during the summer when I go to a party.

I speak to my parents 2 or 3 times a week on Skype. Before we had Skype it was usually every 2 weeks or occasionally more if there was something specific to talk about.

My husband calls his mother at least once a day.

Every day. Its generally just a quick “Hi, how’s things” call, but I do call every day.

Female, age 39.

I talk to my mom once in about five-six weeks; I see her maybe two or three times a year. She lives about two hours away. Two hours is considered rather a huge distance in the Netherlands.

My dad moved to my town two years ago. I now see him once a week, but before that it was the same as my mom.

Almost every day. When I get busy, it can be every 2-3 days. Much longer than that and she calls me or shows up on my doorstep.

Mr. Athena talks to his mother about the same, maybe more. His mother lives alone, though, and as such needs a bit more interaction.

I can’t imagine talking to my mother only once a month. Even during times where I lived far away and wasn’t much into talking to her, we talked at least a couple times a week.

We also email.

Well, for the record: I’m female, 26 years old, British, and I currently live a 6 hour/£30 train journey away from my mum. We’re emotionally close but I don’t think we really know each other that well. When I was eleven I went to live with my nan (i.e. my maternal grandmother) because - basically - Mum was moving in with her boyfriend, who was living in a faily small flat nearby, and it didn’t have a spare bedroom for me. I visited them every Wednesday and the occasional Sunday for dinner until my nan died and I moved out of town.

I talk to her once every two or three weeks, I guess; more often if I’m arranging a trip down to visit her or if, as is currently the case, she needs free internet tech support in which case I’ll get a call from her every other freakin’ evening… anyway. Thing is, neither of us live particularly interesting lives so once the customary “how’s work?/found a boyfriend yet?/when are you next coming to visit?” trio has been answered there’s usually little left to say.

I talk to my dad a couple of times a week, maybe. I don’t get any response though, seeing as he’s dead and all.

Female, and I talk to my parents probably every other day, sometimes every day. We live close by and are close, emotionally. Also, there’s been a lot of sickness and death in the family lately, and it’s been kind of needful to get the updates on people. I bought a house in August and call for advice sometimes, or have my parents over for dinner.

I talk to my mom about once every 1-2 weeks, depending on whether or not anything worth talking about has happened. I’ll be calling her tomorrow, since on Wednesday we are driving up to see her and my family (about 7 hours away). I talk to my dad on the phone maybe once a month - if he’s nearby he’ll come on the line, but from April to October he’s at work more often than not (golf course) and I don’t talk to him as often.

My husband talks to his father once every 3 weeks or so (his mother is deceased). I talk to him only if I happen to be the one who answers the phone.

I didn’t post in the “how often do you see your inlaws” thread, but for the record, we see my parents and his family during the same vacation times - Christmas, sometime during the summer, labour day and Thanksgiving seems to be average. We are moving to Montreal this year and so will be about 1.5 hours from everyone… we’ll probably see each other at least once a month or so.

Years, for either of them. They’re both dead…

Female, 35.

I talk to my mother maybe once a month or so, almost every phone call made by me to her. She calls me 2 or 3 times a year, usually to see if a package she’s sent for my boys for their birthday or whatever has arrived safe and sound. Most conversations are less than 10 minutes in length. She’s not a big phone person.

I talk to my father about the same, once a month-ish, maybe even a little more, but just about every one of those conversations is initiated by him. He’ll call just to bullshit for a good hour or so.

Since we live on opposite ends of the country (Mom’s in NJ, Dad’s in FL), I don’t get to see them too often. Haven’t seen my mother since I went back for my sister’s wedding this past November, and haven’t seen my father since my own wedding in Las Vegas 3 years ago.

It used to be about once a week, but since my mom had cancer, I speak with her nearly every day. My father answers the phone about half the time, and I usually chat with him for a minute or two, but he’s not really a phone person. I’d say he and I will have a more extended conversation about once every two weeks or so.

They’re in RI, I’m in FL. Female, 33.

My father is gone, but I talk to mom every two-three days. It used to be closer to weekly, but since my daughter was born I like to keep mom updated more often. I try and visit at least once a week as well, but that’ll probably drop off now that we’re moving an hour away.

My wife, OTOH, sees her parents every day and talks on the phone with her mom several times daily. Of course, them living right next door helps in that department.

Once or twice a week when I lived in Oregon and two to four times a week now that I’ve moved back to my hometown in Tennessee. It’ll probably go back to previous numbers when I begin work again this week, though.

24 year old male.

No more than 6 to 10 times a year and it has been like that since I first left home many years ago.