How old does a kid have to be for Beavers in Canada?

And get your minds out of the gutter - Beavers in Canada is the pre-Cub stage of Boy Scouts.

Just curious when we should think about Beavers for the Piper Cub.

This says 5-7 years

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We Are The Beaver~The Arrogant Worms

My thought was how old to hunt beavers.

I’m thinking puberty, at least.

Most likely kindergarden.
I know Sparks (the equivalent in Girl Guides of Canada) the ages are listed as 5 and 6, but there is some wiggle room as long as you are in kindergarden your first year.

Such a strange place to ask this question…

All I know is I got kicked out of Cub Scouts for eating a Brownie.

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Has anyone here had their kid in the Beavers? what sort of stuff do they do? did the kid like it?

wikipedia has some good information.

wikipedia has some good information. I was a cub scout and boy scout.

Scout troop activities vary a lot depending on the volunteer scout leader and how much free time he has. I recall that a lot of the cub scout troops had moms as pack leaders. I’d expect that the beavers would also be led by volunteer moms. Kids this young probably don’t get much further than the backyard. Typical games, songs, refreshments, that you’d expect at any gathering of six year olds.

One of my boy scout community service requirements was assisting with a cub scout pack. I helped the pack leader with the games and serving refreshments. This was to earn my Life Scouting Badge.

correction: Den Leader, not pack leader for Cub Scouts

I wasn’t in Beavers, but in Cubs I was “Keeo” for a while – a Cub who volunteers to help out with a group of Beavers.

As far as I remember, they do kindergarten-y stuff: make crafts, listen to stories, play games, go on little field trips, etc. One thing I remember is touring the Poultry Science building at the University of Saskatchewan. The kids seemed to like it well enough.

EDIT: Here’s a decent explanation – It says “the program uses seven elements: Games, Crafts, Storytelling, Music, Play Acting, Outdoors and Spiritual Fellowship.”

As some others have mentioned - a great deal will depend on the pack itself. (sorry if I’m getting the terms wrong - I’m a Guider) If the leaders are enthusiastic and plan stuff for the kids, they’ll have a great year. If they leaders aren’t as keen, and stick pretty close to the book…it won’t be quite so much fun.

Cubs have a pack. Beavers have a colony.

Cool - Girl Guides have units.

I was a beaver for a year when I was six. I remember having those silly hats with the tail in the back. I wonder where it is now…