How old is Cecil?

Is Cecil typing his columns from the old folks home by now or what?

Just curious.

He’s only been at it for 30 years, and reading the early columns I get the feeling that these are the work of a rather young man, whose style develops enormously over the following decade. I think there’s no way he’ll be older than 55 right now, which gives him quite a few years before he moves on to Shady Pines.

This column puts him somewhere between 1946-1964:

Probably the earlier bit of that time frame, given he says he grew up in the 60’s in this column.

And I think we can rule out 1956-1964, on the grounds that he was probably at least 18 when he wrote his first column. So, this year he’ll celebrate his 48th-57th birthday.

On t’other hand, Cecil’s wisdom is ageless.

I think there are multiple Cecil Adams’s and it’s all a giant plot.

Looks about 55 from the photos I have seen of him. Kinda looks like stephen king too.

If he is, as you say, between 1956 and 1964 years in age, are you implying he was born during the first century A.D.?

Damn. What the hell does a guy have to do to earn a gold watch?

Cecil was “sired” in 4688 B.C.E. He’s not entirely human anymore. His old age is also the reason he knows everything; he’s actually witnessed it happening. Unfortunately since he’s a vampire, he can only work night jobs-or jobs that don’t require him to be in the public eye during the day. So wala! The straight dope was born.

Think about it, there are no pictures of him. Why would this be? The casual observer might say that Cecil wants his privacy.:rolleyes: But let’s cut the B.S., the reason he doesn’t have any pictures is because his picture can’t be taken.

Don’t worry though, Cecil’s not evil, per se. He does require the blood of mortals, but because of his age, he only needs it about once every six months. When his blood urge arrises he does what anyone in his position would do; he picks the author of the most inane and pointless letter and snuffs the life out of the person, figuring rightly that the person was too ignorant to live and that his ignorance might infect others.

It would explain Slug’s drawings… partly.

“But let’s cut the B.S., the reason he doesn’t have any pictures is because his picture can’t be taken.”

Nope, there are a couple of photos of him on the web, just search for them. They are scans of magazine photos of him.

:rolleyes: Explain to me how a “vampire” can have their picture taken, alright then, those pictures are clearly fakes…


Cecil was cloned many times over the years, so all the above answers are correct for certain additions.

My IQ ain’t the only thing we gotta express in scientific notation, bubba.

Oh, the Master posted!!!

(Is it wise to question the Master?)

[sub]2[/sub]3 inches of love, eh?

  1. He’s 57. b. Feb or March, 1945.

Photo of Cecil Adams here .