How old is "too young to die"?

When someone dies, you often hear people say that they were too young to die - that the age at which they died was a young age to die.

What’s the oldest age at which you would consider someone “too young to die”?

I can’t answer using your poll options, because my answer is totally dependent upon the specific person involved.

I agree.

I went for 60-69. 61 seems way too young. To be honest, though, I know people who if they dropped off at 68 I’d think “well, they had a decent run.”

One year older than me. (= 63)

All of your options are way too old. I’d say 18.

I’d say about 30 or so.

I would say small children, maybe teenagers. Other than that, nope, not too young.

Here is a survival curve with various years, the most recent being 1997

Survival rate as of 1997 was pretty close to 100% up until your 50s, when it drops very slowly, picking up speed at 60, although it is still about 95% at 60. However by age 70 it is still about 80% change of survival. By 80 it is down to about 60%, by 90 it is about 20%.

So I guess I’d pick 50-59 as too young to die. I don’t consider someone 60-69 too young to die, but I do consider it somewhat unusual when I see it. If someone dies in their 70s I assume they had decent genetics but either got unlucky or had a terrible lifestyle. Past 80 and I don’t expect many to live much longer, including myself (I am planning my retirement savings on the assumption I will die in my early 80s). Those numbers are more or less in line with the generic survival curve.

I don’t think I can answer this question generally, and if I could, I’d need younger answers in the poll than you gave.

I’m not saying that I’d have chosen a younger answer, just that without the ability to choose something younger, I don’t want to click on 50-59 or 60-69.

And so much depends on their quality of life . . .

Early 60s.

If its someone your really close to, like a parent, you always wish they had more time, if they die at 90 you wish they could have lived to 95 like so and so did.

I’m not sure if I can answer but maybe 70-79

Whatever age I am when I die.

Never saw any point in dying, myself. Seems counterproductive. So I’ve decided not to.

But that’s not the same as feeling that they were “too young.”

I agree. To me, when I think someone was “too young to die” I always think about what might have been, what they could have accomplished if given more time, all that potential they lost.

Anyone under 70.

I’d say that it’s any death that isn’t death by old age. That usually comes at around 80 or more, so I picked the 70s bracket. But it can vary with the person: If a 103-year-old dies in a freak skydiving accident, they were too young to die.

Seems like from the posts here,its relative. Some think only a teenager is too young to die, and others think old age is still too young. I think having a parent who is 76 die feels too young if everyone else in the family lives to be at least 90. In a family where everyone lives to at least 90, a sibling dying in their 70s or 80s seems too young, and there can still be loss of what could have been, …some 80 year olds travel and go skiing and can have alot of rich experiences that are lost out on if they die early (say 76 in a family where most live to 96)

Johnny LA,

How do you plan to avoid death? Let me know ASAP so I can jot it down for my own use…:cool:

He may have a copy of the book “Cure For All Diseases” by Hulda Clark, who passed away recently.

Everyone is immortal until they’re not. :smiley:
I say anything before 70 too. My dad is 78 and still works full-time in the garden center of Walmart, running circles around the teenagers. If Og forbid that he were to die right now, that would still be way too young for him, but I realize he’s an outlier.