How optimistic are you about the Lost finale?

So that’s it. Every episode of Lost is in the books except for this Sunday’s finale. After the rather up and down sixth season, what’s your feeling on the finale?

Well. I know for a fact they won’t answer all of the mysteries I still think are important. At this point, they are surely not at all in mystery solving mode and are instead are in total plot/character resolving mode.

The only hope I have is:

  1. The flash-sideways. Actually I have good faith they will explain this.

  2. They might still explain exactly why MIB escaping and/or the light going out would be bad. Right now it seems like Mother didn’t want him to leave because she loved him, and it’s only after Jacob threw him in the cave and he became MIB that he might be bad for the rest of the world, although so far all his evil has only been a means to escape and not evilness for the sake of evilness. And messing with the light has been for the sake of escaping and not for the sake of screwing with the light.

  3. The one biggest mystery that I feel isn’t even vaguely extractable from current info is WTF happened in the cabin. Explaining that would be a huge bandage on mystery bloodloss.

  4. Although I could probably figure it out, some sort of nod to the whole Christian on island as MIB vs Christian off island as a ghost would be nice.

I think they should have left things with the ambiguous 5th season ending.

As it is, I’ve mostly enjoyed the show but have little hope that any remaining mysteries will be explained. I don’t think it will suck, but I also don’t think the writers have had much of a plan. My expectations went down a while ago.

The way things have been this season, either one or two things will happen.

  1. The final episode is going to wrap up the Jacob & Smocke story, and not much else. Hundreds of questions will be left unanswered.

  2. The final episode is going to be 2 hours of answering all the unanswered questions (like an extended version of this week’s campfire scene), leaving not much room for further plot.

Either way, my hopes aren’t too high.

They are great at cliffhangers. I don’t expect any different.

Good news for UK LOST fans. Sky is showing the 2 hour finale at the same time as it will be shown on the US (5am here!) rather than us having to wait until next Friday.

I went with “individual” option because I think it will be simply ok, yet I am not worried.

Despite my dismay at a few things, the whole Jacob/Protector Jack/Flocke thing is pretty interesting. It might be clumsily executed, but the whole war end game does have me interested.

Not great as a payoff of six years of greatness…but ok…

I don’t fit in any of the pre-packaged categories.

On one hand, it seems clear they are abandoning the mystery story structure. Lots of questions won’t be answered. The main conflict is something that they hadn’t dreamed of for the first few seasons. So that’s a bit disappointing.

On the other hand, I understand their joke about Shannon’s inhaler. I’m not one of the people who’s been combing the show for clues and trying to craft a TOE of Lost. Some mysteries can remain so without it being a failure.

As I said in the recent episode thread, I do think they’ve done some great work with Jack’s character (pretty funny, given in an early draft he died in the pilot ep!). I like Desmond, and I like what he’s doing. There’s a possibility they can answer enough important stuff, and also bring this to a satisfying end from a storytelling point of view. I would be cool with the idea someone floated that Jack and Ben take over the feud - that it’s an eternal cycle. I would be cool with everyone having a happy ending in the ALT. And everything in between, as long as it’s told well.

I’m cautiously optimistic within a new frame of not expecting much, if that makes any sense.

I’m already disappointed: The stuff that I loved about the early seasons (Dharma, the sense of a real, discoverable mystery, etc) is exactly what Lindelof and Cuse have decided is irrelevant and instead are focusing on stuff I don’t care about. They may satisfactorily explain the Jacob/MIB/Sideways stuff, but they’ve blown it (to me) regarding what got me hooked on the show.

I’m optimistic, but I also have low expectations for what “secrets” will be revealed.

By the way, everyone should also say what they thought of BSG’s finale, the only other secret-heavy show I can think of lately that has had its finale.

I loved BSG’s finale. Sue me.

I’ve never seen the BSG finale, but I read about. I quit watching the show…

…when they found the Temple planet. It annoyed me that the show went from hard scifi with a touch of space opera to a trippy,fantasy show with a touch of scifi. I would have likely hated the finale had I watched to the end. More about the change of direction/genre than the metaphysical.

Oh yeah, I have better hopes for this finale than what BSG turned out to be. At the same time, my expectations are much lower for this than they were for BSG. That stupid ending taught me cynicism. I hated it sooo much.

The one other non-mystery thing I wish they would do is show the entire island in a pan up. If it could include quick pans to each place of importance on the island showing where they all were in relation to each other, that would be pretty groovy too.

I think it will be awesome, and screw the “unanswered questions” crowd if they are not satisfied.

As long as they don’t have a slo-mo montage of all the main characters.

As long as the whole thing doesn’t turn out to be someone’s dream (but I think they already addressed that and ruled it out).

As long as Desmond and Penny are together at the end.

As long as Ben gets at least one good scene.

As long as they don’t futz around with the very end of the episode and it ends with BOOM - LOST, like all the others.