LOST, what would have satisfied you?

I think for me it was two very important points:

1.The limp dick finale, talk about anticlimactic! The episode Sundown had me thinking they would still pull out and deliver. It was chilling and apocalyptic, all extraneous cast members were now gone and the players seemed in place for the final battle(with a wildcard in the villains camp) and then…nothing. More edicking around and running from island to island.

2.I would have been satisfied with the explanation the island was home to a time machine and due to this all of human history was a stable time loop. What was the time machine? Who knows a exotic piece of space rock emitting radiation, a FTL engine from a alien ship that crashed there, a future human scientific experiment, who knows.

It would have made perfect sense, Ben’s line about “he broke the rules!” when his daughter was killed. The significance of these people and being candidates, because they already knew they were going to crash in the future! Throughout history the island has been hidden and been sought by the powerful, the Others protect the world from the insanity that would be unleashed by any ruler or nation having a time machine.
The Dharma initiative was getting too close to the secret or seizing power, so they had to go. It would have also helped the theme of science or faith further along.

What you said, with a couple more things.

  1. The whole Whitmore/Eloise thing. There were (at least) 4 factions: Dharma, that Swedish group (that may have tied into Dharma)–eta: The Hanso group, The Others, Whitmore and his thugs and a small non-Whitmore group that tied into Eloise Hawking. They were all fighting over the Island. Why? What for? What the fuck dudes?

  2. The smoke monster was simply not an evil twin from 3,000 BC. That’s just too stupid. The smoke-monster was a machine or a pet. It wasn’t a thinking being until the last season.

  3. Fix Dharma–the best part of the show for me the mystery of the hatch. For me (and I’m tired of the same debate over and over, so I stress…for ME) the Hatch could/would not have looked like it did if Dharma had an active presence on the island in 1995-ish. The massacre had to occur in the late '70s. Fix that with a reasonable explanation.

  4. The numbers. Look. We know in the first 2 or 3 seasons they did screw with probability. They showed up way too often for coincidence. And the explanation? “Um…they were just numbers, dude.”? No. That (other than the “they all go to heaven” ending) was the single biggest rip-off/cop-out I’ve ever seen.

It’s a shame–the first 2.5 or so seasons of Lost were just so fucking good. I’m hoping FRINGE can pull off a good ending or it’ll end up in the same boat.

I think there’s a better possibility for “Fringe” to wrap up satisfactorily. There are no “Lost”-style mysteries. All the unusual stuff is explained, usually by Walter. Of course, the explanations are usually eye-rollingly silly, but at least they try, which is more than the “Lost” writers did.

Agreed – as I said at the time:

What would have satisfied me? For the writers/producers to have the gumption to keep going in the direction they’d headed out on. Something was about to happen in the story that probably would have been controversial and possibly at odds with the creators’ (and much of the audience’s) personal beliefs (whatever those might be). The stage was set for the Four Horsemen, the Whore of Babylon, the star Wormwood, all that Revelation shit baby, and it was too much for their petty word processors to handle. Instead they threw up their hands with this goofy shit-eating grin and said, “hey, it’s just a TV show, whaddya want?” Very disappointing.

Frankly after the disappointment of the final two seasons, I’d have preferred for them to have killed each other over the space of a single episode. And the place exploded.

I might get no more explanations (well, they never had the ‘explanations’: “Its complicated”), but then at least the characters would all have died horribly and I’d have been happy with that…

I would like to have had an explanation about Walt. Why was he so special? Why did the Others take him and keep him? What was up with the birds? Why was he allowed off the island? They made such a huge deal about Walt in the first couple seasons and by the last season, it’s like he never existed.

There are a lot of issues and things I would have liked to have changed that weren’t listed above.

  1. Why were the children abducted and mind washed? The children should have taken a larger part in the finale.

  2. Get rid of the whole Ecumenical B.S. ending. Chalk it up to a different timeline that could’ve happened if needed. Nix that, get rid of the whole alternative timeline and stop trying to be interesting. Give a straightforward tale for once. Going back in time for info on Tawaret and the history is fine, but it doesn’t need another “twist”.

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt should have come back (sans father) and restored peace on the island. There were glimpses that he had powers earlier in the series and he could’ve used them in the end.

  4. The smoke monster was not the man in black and vice versa. Frankly, the fact that Ben was on Jacob’s side but could summon the man-in-black doesn’t make sense.

  5. Allison Janney as the mother could’ve acted much better. In fact, it would’ve been great to have her speaking a foreign language

  6. Speaking of which, Adam and Eve as Jacob’s mother and the man in black? That’s like a mystery story which doesn’t reveal a character until the very end.

Part of the show seemed to be the writers and producers reading the blogs and trying to write differently than the guesses. That painted them into tighter corners and it all fell apart when it was revealed later that they really didn’t have a plan for all of it anyways. (Something that was accused along the way anyways).

As a rule, never include kids that are growing up on a show that is only supposed to take place over a relatively brief period of time.

They did show him in the epilogue episodes and it looks like he is returning with Hurley and Ben to help the “lost souls” on the Island, like his Dad.

The answer is simple. There would be only one way to satisfy the naysayers- A 24 hour marathon with the writers & producers reading fan questions and answering them.

That implies that the naysayers were unreasonable in wanting the mysteries that the show presented resolved.

Just the answers would have been fine, included in the broadcast episodes as part of a narrative that made sense.

What I frankly was surprised about was that while watching the showing airing live, I kept thinking through seasons 1-5 that I can’t wait to watch a marathon when it’s over and see how all the pieces fit into place. That never happened and probably never will. There was way too much filler to make that interesting and the whole thing is an untidy mess once the whole viewing is available.

Ditto here, the final revelations were so arbitrary I lost interest in the mega marathon.

I didn’t want answers to every little thing, I wanted the story to MEAN something and have a point. Its like a giant multilayered mystery and at the end its revealed it was all to cover up a cookie theft. Not only that but at the last moment a wizard with poorly defined omnipotent powers is introduced.:rolleyes:

The Island was one end of a wormhole. So there is all of the time/space issues as filaments of the wormhole occassionally branch out.

The Hanso Foundation / DHARMA Initiative wants to use the wormhole but first they have to study it. The hatch was a place where they “uncapped” a thin spot in the wormhole shield for study and if not capped every 89 minutes it could expand and destroy the Earth. The numbers are how to control the wormhole: 8 pounds of pressure here, 15 degrees Kelvin there, etc.

The Others are those that believe that the wormhole taps in to the Mind of God. They are not trying to protect the Island as much as keep the link to God for themselves. But Jacob is too entrenched in the wormhole to be an effective leader so he hires Richard Alpert to be the day to day contact with the people and grants him immortality - just the slightest bit of timelessness. Jacob and Richard know the secret of the wormhole but they let the Others continue their cultlike devotion to the wormhole because it serves their purpose.

Smoky McSmoke is a creature trapped in the wormhole trying to get out and Jacob is there to keep him in. There are areas where the shielding the Island provides breaks down (hence the Hatch and later donkey wheel) [think of a thinny in Stephen King’s Gunslinger series]. That means that Jacob can access some of the timelessness/spacelessness of the wormhole and Smoky can have some physical presence on the island.

The Smoke Monster can take on the form of somebody dead to interact with a person. Why dead? Because of how adults think about people, TSM could most easily and psychicly pick up peoples images of dead people. That is why children were so valuable, they have a different view of death than adults. Also, Walt was psychic so he had an easier link to TSM.

Why can’t Jacob and TSM kill each other? Because they are so entwined in the gateway between the wormhole and the island that they don’t know when and where each other are. It is only through the filter of a third person like Richard and Sayyid that they can see the other.

The one overriding thing I wanted explained above all other was what was motivating “The Others” back when they were “The Others”. All the time they were dicking with the original losties… Ethan, their ability to always show up with torches and guns and surround the losties, what motivated them to capture Jack and Kate and Sawyer and keep them in cages, all their jibberjabber about who was worthy and so forth.

I wanted to really get a good and consistent explanation for why they acted the way they did that whole time, what their goals were, whether they could actually think of themselves as “good guys”, etc.

For me, the show fell off the rails with the introduction of Jacob – both as a shadowy presence in the cabin, and as a fully realized character. I loved the Dharma/Hanso Foundation plot line and was really disappointed when it withered out.

A few more.

They spent several episodes trying to do stuff to make the flight back to the island analogous to the original Oceanic flight…down to finding Jack’s daddy’s shoes for dead Locke to wear. Why? It was never explained.

What was the “otherization” thing that turned little nerd Ben into evil Ben?

What was the Island? What did it want? Why does the Island “want” anything–it’s an island. Why should we care (in the sense of “Ok, so the Man in Black takes it over. So? What are the consequences?”

If The Others were working for Jacob, why could they summon Smokey/MIB? Shouldn’t he/it be working against The Others?

Why was Waaaaalt special?

There were all these small arcs that we were told were ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that went nowhere.

Bumped to provide a link to a NYT interview with showrunner Damon Lindelof. He says he’s really sorry: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/01/magazine/damon-lindelof-leftovers-lost.html?_r=0

I thought it was going to be more like Cast Away. It took them forever to decide to send someone to circumnavigate the island. There could have been a resort in the other side.

The island isn’t an island at all, but some kind of spacetime-travel vessel. There are original natives who didn’t come from off of the island, but they aren’t actually people, they’re the vessel’s GUI. When the GUI interacts with people, it does so as a member of their species, and doesn’t just interact with them but gets in their head. It wasn’t designed to work with humans, hence, when it works with humans, the humans go all nuts.

The vessel is looking for a crew, and most particularly, a captain, so it can take off and go back home.