Your last Lost predictions

With only a few episodes left until the end, what are your final Lost predictions.

I only predict that the final episode will reverse everything, time will revert to the flash-sideways timeline. The episode will be called “What happened, didn’t happen.”

Well the last episode has been revealed to be, unhelpfully:

The End

People have been predicting that the flash-sideways are either

  1. A happy ending to what happens after the end of the series, and so a sort of flash-forward or

  2. Not as happy as they have seemed so far, and an example of what happens when the evil MIB escapes the island’s “cork”.

IDK. It seems the penultimate episode is a

Jacob/MIB flashback,

So I’m guessing all will be revealed at that point, and the finale will will just be a resolution of conflict.

The producers have said that mysteries that are important to the characters will be resolved, so I guess various things that aren’t pertinent to the characters might not be resolved. And they plan to go into radio silence. I’m hoping that anything not revealed will either end up in the Lost Encyclopedia currently on preorder, or eventually be address by the behind the scenes people after the radio silence…

I’ll go ahead and make some relatively wild predictions.

  1. Hurley will replace Jacob. I just think he’d be best at it and it’s a cool way to end his storyline.

  2. Jacob is good(more or less) and the Smoke Monster is evil(more or less).

  3. Sawyer will die, sacrificing himself for the others or to save the world.

  4. Good(Team Jacob) will win over Evil(Smoke’s team), but only through major sacrifice. Perhaps that is Sawyer’s sacrifice, even.

  5. The flash-sideways are not a peak at the future, like an epiloguge. At this point, I think I can see that the writers/creators were hoping we would think that and it isn’t the case. For example, how did Desmond disappear?

  6. People will complain about whatever ending/resolution the creators pick. :slight_smile:
    *Bonus guess: Actually, the flash-sideways are the future(well, future past) and the show will conclude with a well edited sequence/montage showing where all the characters end up in the…,well, end. Most will be happy.

I was going to guess the final episode would be called “Lost” or “Found”, but it looks like they have revealed the finale’s title.

No spoiler, really, for the title tells us nothing, but I will spoiler box it:

It’s called “The End”

You can listen to them here

It was all a dream Bob Newhart was having.


Shortly before the finale airs, at least one of the creators will say something about how the plot isn’t that important, and that it’s the characters that matter. This is show-creator-speak for, “Fuck, I’ve strung them along this long by pretending to have an over-arching plot, but now I’ve got myself into a corner and it doesn’t really make any sense.”
See: Moore, Ronald D., “Battlestar Galactica”
P.S. Does anyone know if Chris Carter said anything similar before that abominable finale for “The X-Files”? For some reason I seem to recall hearing that he did, but I can’t find anything online. I hope so, for this would allow me to complete my theory of MythArc Creation Douche-Nozzlery.

This is the only prediction I would feel safe making. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this show and will be tuning in to the end, but it won’t be able to avoid controversy. There will be a small, but loyal, and very vocal contingent whatever the finale is. There will be too little, or too much focus on the characters, or too little/too much focus on the island’s mysteries. Someone will be left out in the cold concerning what they actually value on the show. And if they focus too much on the mysteries someone will say it was “too predictable” because the writer’s actually followed on clues laid out thus far, or it was “it came out of left field”, because hundreds of thousands of people were second guessing them.

There’s no way they get out of this unscathed. I will be very surprised if they come up with an ending that pleases everyone.

My only other predictions…

Jacob will come out ahead as “the good guy”, regardless of what motivations they assign to him he’ll have everyone’s best interests at heart, the MIB/Smokey will only want off the island.

Smokey will fail however and have a new “cork” guarding him. It will either be Jack, Hurley or a some how resurrected Locke. (I have no evidence to support a “resurrected Locke” theory, other than I think it would make a sort of thematic sense.)

I think Sawyer will play a sort of “anti Judas” role. He’ll appear to side with Smokey after his play to leave the island in the sub fails and betray him at the last minute, leading to Jacob’s victory. He’ll have a tearful farewell for Kate. (If this happens she’ll either return to normal life with Jack, or the ATL will prove to be the “real world” and her alternate self with end up with Sawyer giving everyone a happy ending.)

And a youtube Hitler rant within and hour of the ending

I only feel strongly about one thing: Sayid HAS to die. And I like Sayid, but really - he simply has to be put out of his misery. I predict he’s the one who is going to rally, die in a blaze of glory, sacrifice himself, no matter if he is possessed by evil or whatever right now.

Yes, I think he’ll die as well. It just makes sense.

With six episodes/seven hours left, there doesn’t seem to be enough episodes to tie up all the threads one major character at a time. I’m guessing that the off-island timelines start to intertwine in the following flashsideways:
[li]Desmond/Penny/Charles (Do the bagpipes in the promo for next week seem pretty obvious to anyone else?)[/li][li]Hurley/Libby (Possibly wishful thinking, but flashsideways Hurley definitely deserves a happy ending–I might expect Michael/Walt for a flashsideways redemption for killing Libby/Ana Lucia too.)[/li][li]Sayid/Shannon/Boone (Too many loose ends in Sayid’s story not to use the rumored return of Shannon)[/li][li]Jack/Christian/Jin/Sun/Ji Yeon (As someone else suggested in “The Package” thread, Jack seems the most reasonable to treat Sun after the gunshot, plus they gotta reveal how Jack’s scrape appeared and who David’s mother is [Juliet, right?])[/li][li]Kate/Sawyer/Miles/Juliet (What happens to Kate after getting cuffed by Sawyer and how does the “going Dutch” event comes about? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miles be dating Ana Lucia, by the way.)[/li][li]Charles/Eloise/Daniel/Dharma/Jacob/Locke-ness Monster/Christian/Locke/Ben/Richard (in the finale for obvious reasons)[/li][/ol]
The only loose thread I see are the Claire/Aaron/Charlie storyline, which seems to connect with 1, 4, 5, and 6. I would imagine that it’s at least addressed in these four episodes.

I predict that the final scene of the final ep will have a wrecked boat in the background with the name on the hull reading: * SS Minnow*.

I predict the last scene of the finale will be focused around Jack and he will be alone. It will be similar to how the entire series started.
The series started with Jack lying on his back in the middle of the jungle opening his eyes and running out to the beach amid the chaos of the plane crash.
I could the reverse of this happening with Jack running away from the chaos into the jungle, lying down and closing his eyes.

My prediction is that the final episode will reveal that the entire series has taken place in the dreams of a comatose person. They borrowed so many stock characters to people the island that it wouldn’t surprise me if they borrow this idea too from .hack//Sign too.

Or an autistic kid. Right?

I’ve seen .hack//Sign myself, and played the games as well, and this strikes me as a truly bizarre comparison.

I have no idea where you’re coming from on this. :confused:

The very last scene:

Jack: Hugo, there’s something I’ve been wondering.
Hurley: Yeah, dude?
Jacki: Why do people call you Hurley?
Hurley: Well, dude, you see, this one time …


Except we already know why he’s called Hurley.

He throws up. A lot.

I predict it will be a race between Flocke to get the 6 onto the airplane and on to LA and Desmond to have the sideways 6 realize they are in a sideways world.

The six will land at LA where they will be met by the sideways 6. I am not sure how it resolves, but I think some may kill their alternative selves, or have to negotiate with their “other” self which will exist and which will cease to be.

My wife thinks Jack and Sawyer wil be on the beach alone, in white and black respectively. Sawyer will say, “Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you…” The End