How Reliable a Source is

i saw a link in a search i did on that questioned the reliability of information on i went to the NORML website to see if they cited all their info. they do cite alot of it; but one of their footnotes claimed that a study done at the University of California said that marijuana does not kill brain cells. so, i searched on Google for “University of California”+marijuana and other combinations of terms, and didn’t find anything about the study. so, does anyone have any concrete evidence to prove or disprove the reliability of NORML?

Not doubting you, but can you point us to the footnote that cites the UC study? The only mention I found on NORML’s site of pot killing brain cells is this, which has several footnotes, but I see no mention of U of California.

maybe i’m getting two sites i read off from mixed up. but i did read something on teh net that claimed that UC had done research that confirmed that weed didn’t kill brain cells. i guess a better question would be, is there a site with info similar to NORML that wouldn’t look so blatantly pro-marijuana to the point of it looking biased as a source for a term paper written at a christian school?

The sources of NORML’s cites seem pretty reputable. Why not track them down and see if they support your thesis?