How reprehensible do YOU want to be in the Pit?

Both of you, please re-read the OP to this thread and pay particular attention to the red text.

Ah, sorry. My apologies.

oh shit. Sorry.

I don’t know. Plausible deniability?

Listen, I agree that some things said are nastier than other things. I wouldn’t say them. But the point of the pit is to hurt feelings. Otherwise you couldn’t insult people here. What has happened is that an in-group has succeeded in lobbying the mods to move from clearly written rules AND clearly written clarifications of said rules into a fuzzy interpretation of rules based on the in-group’s standards of so-called decency.

That implementation of reprehensible, to me, is More reprehensible than the formerly much beloved yet truly reprehensible pit. Because I dislike double standards and secret rule sets for pet posters more than I do reprehensible potty mouthedness.

I’m still surprised Bone quit and that is probably the most unfortunate aspect of this new unwritten policy,

A certain mod calls me an asshole often enough in the Pit. Other mods have said worse. But it’s the Pit and I shouldn’t be such a snowflake. I am not a fan of it, yet here I am in a thread located in the Pit. And yes sometimes my sensitive soul gets offended and I feel compelled to respond. But to be very clear there is no real compulsion to read any message board, any forum, or any thread. So ultimately, being offended when the rules were clear and most threads have descriptive titles is completely avoidable.

I still think the pit is counterproductive for the board. I just think a fuzzy pit is worse if we are to have a pit.

Maybe you should work on the ‘avoidable’ part of the thing you’re not a fan of?
Just a thought!

CMC fnord!

I’ve not followed the thread or the many pit wars that closely. Do you have some specific examples in mind?

Don’t be a jerk covers it. They should have gotten warnings under the existing rules.

The warning that indirectly led to bone quitting comes to mind. But since words don’t mean what they clearly mean it’s pointless to go beyond that.

Other than the fact that the pit is governed by a different set of rules you are 100% correct. So what is considered so-called jerkish in GG wouldn’t be any issue at all here in the pit. Until it is.

I kinda agree with octopus in that it’s contradictory to say ‘don’t be a jerk’ in a thread that specifically exists for people to let their inner jerk come out. It can easily lead to subjective interpretation. It’s less subjective if you can say that someone is deliberately hitting below the belt, beyond the pale that should be allowed. When we say don’t be an jerk in the pit, someone needs to be an extreme jerk. And I’m fine with a mod note, then a warning, and then something else. “Don’t be a jerk” is broad. There are so many jerkish posts in the pit that that standard has no meaning. It has to be extreme.

Every forum has different lines for jerkitude. In GQ, it’s non-factual answers and political jabs. In the Pit, it’s inflicting genuine emotional pain on someone. In GQ, you’re a jerk if you say that Republicans are scum. In the Pit, you can say that Republicans are scum, but you’re a jerk if you mock the death of a poster’s cat or make fun of someone for being on medication.

For those sorts of posts, we can skip the mod notes.

IMO, within this thread, there was a consensus of sorts that we are kinda leaving it up to Miller. I think that is the best we can do and the recent moderation reinforces that belief.

Unless that mod happens to be Miller, how they feel has no bearing in the Pit.

Or maybe the staff drawing their own conclusions within their loop really isn’t “bullshit” after all. The mod loop is the closest to “mob rule” as the SDMB gets; all decisions are ultimately theirs.

And who’s to say in a forum that was specifically created to allow posters to insult one another what is triggering to a specific poster? Is it required to create a database and submit it to a set of psychiatrists to see what set of words may set off which particular poster? It’s ridiculous and bizarre.

So what we can go by are sequences of events. Someone gets insulted, if that insult riles up a certain group the one doing the insulting may get a warning or banned like Huey Freeman. Hell, Miller himself commented on the shadiness of bringing up the cat for sympathy. Should he warn himself?

Additionally ask yourself what is the point of insults that have no impact on the insultee. If the insults aren’t meant to be hurtful then what are they meant to do? It’s really sort of a stupid premise.

Nobody. Fortunately, you’re the only one talking about that.

Obviously I’m not. Otherwise this very thread you are posting in would not exist.

In the locked thread that appears to have prompted this current discussion, I found Margins shameless use of her loss as a tool to win internet fights to be far more insulting than any of pools comments.

One was just bald insults in the pit, the other far more manipulative.

I LOVE the way men on the Dope go in assuming ALL women are malicious evil witches while men are crusaders after JUSTICE.

I LOVE it the way you assholes just let OTHER assholes like what’s his face demand people skip to his tune while a woman going WHAT THE FUCK YOU ASSHOLE is a devious plotting conniving manipulative whore. It’s funny how every goddamned time you just magically decide the man is honest and intellectual and logical while the woman is an evil plotting whore bitch cunt Hillary manipulative lying slut.

When a woman says, “Hey, asshole, I have a life AND YOU SUCK” she’s a lying manipulative whore. End of subject.

When a man says, “You lying manipulative whore,” he’s trustworthy and reasonable.

I posted links and NONE of you assholes have read ONE FUCKING THING.

Painting this as some gender thing is just more manipulative bullshit.