How reprehensible do YOU want to be in the Pit?

I don’t want to relitigate this quote from a locked thread, but I find myself reflecting on its wisdom:

Apologies, I’ll see my way out.

That’s bullshit. margin hadn’t even logged on up to that point, so she had no need to manipulate anything in order to “win.” She was explaining where she’d been since the original question was asked.

Those were not bald insults. They were manipulations striking at a very personal and sensitive area. pool wasn’t even trying to “win,” but solely trying to hurt.

ONCE AGAIN, this thread is not the place to relitigate fights or sling insults. That’s warnings for both of you.

It was nothing to do with relitigating any fight, I’ve never had a single exchange with that poster before.

My post was simple, this is a thread asking what sort of standards should be in the pit, and I made the point that I would prefer the crass insults to more insidious behaviours. As it seemed the mob were gearing up for a pool party I thought that the counter point was worth stating.

This thread is literally about what is reprehensible in the pit, my post is literally about what I find more reprehensible. And that is worth a warning?

Bull. Shit.

If that’s the way you feel, then why is the majority of your posting in the Pit?

Wasn’t always that way. I don’t usually answer General Questions if I don’t have a clue. Great Debates is rehashing too many subjects. Politics has me stumped for the most part and it feels like we are the alternate reality all other realities make fun of. I generally don’t have much mundane stuff to share that isn’t utterly boring. The Hearthstone thread is dead and that has me sad. I am embarrassed that my attempts to woo Abigail in Stardew Valley have been so difficult even though I have a spiffy hat and shirt so I haven’t shared that until now.

So, at the moment, the Pit has some interesting interactions and sometimes it draws me in like a moth to a flame. With prose like that how can Stardew’s Abigail be resisting my charms?

Fine. But if you’re going to insist on posting here, suck it up and quit whining about how disgusting and vile it is. Can’t have it both ways.

Hmm. I clearly state that I think the pit is counterproductive as whatever it’s supposed to do. However, you don’t see me joining an in-group and hypocritically lobbying through multiple channels of communication for warnings or bans on behavior that has been explicitly allowed in writing by former admins. If we have rules and clear clarifications of rules I think it’s important that they are used as a guideline and not the howling of a precious few.

So there is no gotcha there Guin. I can think the concept of the pit is counterproductive and simultaneously think that mob rule in the Pit is even more distasteful. As to my participation in the pit? Sometimes I’m in the mood to post there. Sometimes I’m not. What you won’t find me doing is finding a group of folks to come at the mods from multiple angles and multiple decades to manipulate them in order to sanction posters for make believe rules. I can read the stickies and the clarifications and I can decide if I want to participate. Hell, Miller spent years not warning people over clear violations now he warns people over made up violations.

Nobody said anything about all women.


This thread is not the place to debate this. Take it somewhere else.

If you say so. :dubious:

“The food here is terrible - and such small portions!”

Can I say, Miller, you’re an asshole prick asshole, for example? Just trying to define the boundaries.

Outside of one juvenile remark, this thread pretty much petered out 5 months ago. I was wondering if your solicitation of opinions in any way affected your outlook on the situation and what you may have done/undone during that period of time.

I do know that the Pit is considerably tamer than it used to be. I remember when I first signed on to the SDMB. The Pit was a terrifying place. My first reply there turned out to be a big mistake. I forget the topic, but I called for reason and compromise. I was savagely rebuked and fled! After that, I was only a timid observer. LOL

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