how scared should I be?

Last year when I was an Army recruiter in New Jersey I got sick at work. A coworker drove me to the ER and my blood pressure was 180/110. They made me stay in the ER practically all day for observation. I had high blood pressure and they were worried I’d have a heart attack or a stroke. A week later after seeing a military doctor I was at the clinic on post to get my prescription and i practically passed out from the heat. (The AC was broken and it was hot in there. I have never before had a problem with heat so this was a shock to me). Blood pressure was 185/108 if i recall. I had to spend the day in the hospital and was quickly “profiled” from physical activities. (in the army that means they don’t want me to do anything that might cause me to have a stroke or heart attack through physical activity)

I attributed much of this from recruiting. It was brutal and it really wore me down. But its been a year now…I work in a techincal field and my current assignment has little stress, plus I’m where I wanted to go, back to Europe. But I was having a hard time with some physical activities, getting tired quickly and not feeling well. I went to the doctor and my BP was 181/104. This was taken after I had been sitting still for 30 minutes. When the nusre took it she looked at me and asked “do you have a headache or anything?”. I told her no, I feel fine.

So I’ve got new medication and a temporary exemption from stressing myself out. The doctor told me I was at stroke level blood pressure…but I feel ok. I was told to make sure I take the pills daily and try to keep active (I’m not overweight if thats what you think). But I don’t know what to think…in NJ they acted like I was in imminent danger…here the doctor was concerned but not as much…still, my BP is still high I’ll admit. I know I need to make some lifestyle changes but How scared should I be?

You get a dx of Hypertension for BP greater than 140/90. You should get a primary care physician to help you get those numbers down.

You can do some things (diet, exercise, etc) to improve your numbers, but sometimes those things won’t help so much. DO follow up with your doc regularly and educate yourself about your diagnosis.