How should I waste my 5000th post?

Given that it is ME who is posting it the possibility that it will NOT be wasted doesn’t even enter into the discussion. But the auspicious moment is just two posts away.

Yes, after 4998 posts I should know that polls and surveys are the purview of IMHO, but you know that I have never had an opinion in my life so I will ask my friends in MPSIMS for their opinions on its proper use.
Should it be:[list=1]
[li]Flirting with an attractive woman?[/li][li]Wishing somebody I don’t know a happy birthday?[/li][li]A “Me, too!” post?[/li][li]Nostalgia for a TV show that nobody else here remembers?[/li][li]A Pit thread ripping my Interior Design teacher a new asshole for giving me a B?[/li][li]A position of imagined moral superiority to another poster?[/li][li]None of the above (please elaborate)?[/li][/list=1]However it ends up I’m sure it will be trite, wordy, and with too many commas and smilies and lots of very short paragraphs. :wink:

  1. All of the above.

All you need to find now is an attractive woman (I’ll volunteer if required) who’s birthday it is. Wait until someone else wishes them happy birthday (so that you can say “me too”) and remember a TV show that was on when they were born. And of tell someone else who wished her a happy birthday why your birthday greeting is better than theirs. Number 5 is giving me trouble however - not sure how to work that one in.

Wouldn’t 6 automatically cover 5?

robinc308 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ?? Finally someone who’s in my zone? Sorry for the hijack.

You could use it to start a pit thread to yell incoherently at people who hijack threads like this one.

Oops. I meant this thread, of course.
I’m probably gonna use my 5000th thread to say, “preview is my friend.”

Same way you wasted 4998 other posts to date. MPSIMS:D