How small can you go

Pretty small it seems. I added the {sup} tags (but with ) to a postscript I posted and just for the heck of it I put the {sup} tags around that. And again, and again. It keeps getting smaller. Just thought I’d share.

This is a sentence.

[sup]This is a sentence.[/sup]

[sup][sup]This is a sentence.[/sup][/sup]

[sup][sup][sup]This is a sentence.[/sup][/sup][/sup]

[sup][sup][sup][sup]This is a sentence.[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup]

[sup][sup][sup][sup][sup]This is a sentence.[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup]

Are you sure? The last five show the same size to me.

I see six "This is a sentence"s and each one is smaller than the last

Depends how cold the water is.

[sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup]This is another sentence.[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup]

[sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup]This is another sentence.[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup]

Text attributes are browser dependent.

Firefox Portable 19.0.1 here. I see progressively smaller fonts in all examples above.

[sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup]If you can read this you’re too damn close.[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup]
tried to do 20.

[sub][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup]If you can read this you don’t need glasses (or your browser doesn’t render it right:p).[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sub]

The extra tags on this reminded me of the episode of BBT where Leonard opts out of the friendship clause in the roommate agreement.

Leonard 'sup.
Sheldon 'sup.

:smiley: Again a mess to clean up and esplainin’ to do !!! damn you Leaffan

I’m viewing this on an iPad and if I ‘stretch’ the screen out to the max it renders it quite clearly.

Using the zoom function? :smack: That’s cheating!:mad::o:(

Btw you can do that in most any browser, it’s not Ipad exclusive.:wink:
[sub][sub][sub][sub][sub][sub][sub][sub][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup][sup]Try zooming in on this.[/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sup][/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub] :smiley:

I did zoom in on that.

I don’t see how that can even be rendered with a proper font; here is what it looks like when zoomed in (no, not the browser zoom, I used MS Paint to zoom in 500%, which just enlarges the pixels used to display it; in this case, 2 pixels high, plus one for descenders):

I also noticed that in the OP, the sentences aren’t evenly shrunk; that is, the second “This is a sentence” is clearly smaller than the first but the next one is only slightly smaller, with the fourth again being much smaller (two near the same size with the second one a bit smaller, then two more much smaller, and so on).

Ipads must render it differently than chrome, because at 500% it’s still tiny in chrome.

Browser zoom rerenders the text as you move in and out. It’s how truetype fonts work.

LOLOLOL I was gonna say that but I decided against it!

If you’re old school (like me), you just copy and paste to notepad. Notepad don’t know what’s sup. :wink:

The sentences in the OP and the other tests all look the same size to me.

But I wonder, if you can get it small enough, can it be read by the next universe down in size from us? A message in the sky?

Maybe if you can get it down small enough to fit on a grain of rice.