How smart are you?

This may be old news, but I found this I/Q test page… Lots of I/Q tests

Oops. I even previewed. Try this again, if I don’t get it right, I’ll take the I/Q test page out of my bookmarks. :slight_smile: [url]here it is
I’m crossing my fingers

Ok, My I/Q is about 10 today! here

Well, I’m not about to take another IQ test - I got all excited scoring a 134 IQ on one, and then my husband took the same test and scored 135. And I’ll be damned if he’s smarter!

I’ve taken a few tests, and my IQ is about 120±10.

My smarts is at least thiiiiis big: --> <–

My IQ is apple

My IQ feels fuzzy.

What’s IQ again? :wink:

My IQ smells like cat food.

How do you spell IQ?

I think its spelt…“I”… ummm… “Q”.

I think I accidentally swallowed mine.

What’d it taste like, luluBahrain?

Hah. No, it’s “ai cue.”

It tasted like maple sausage.

My IQ can beat up your IQ.

Mmmm…maple sausage. Yum! (No pun intended for Yumblie.)

You think we are not smart.

We are smart.

We look for things.

Things to make us go.

things to make us go hhhhmmmmmmm