How the media is actually making the U.S. look weak. . .

. . . also, Don King is insane.

Here’s Don being interviewed on Headline News’ Glen Beck program (with a guest host).

Some have proposed that, especially in a time of war, the media has a responsibility to make the country look strong and resolute to other nations. I propose, however, that all Americans have a responsibility not to make us look like retarded lunatics. This is a responsibility that Don King has failed to live up to.

And what the shit is the deal with Headline News interviewing this sleazy murderer (who, again, is also a total fucking nutter) about world affairs and the amazing awesomeness of President Bush? And then actually airing the interview once they knew what they’d done??!?! Now, if I saw a Frenchman doing this same exact interview for French TV, wearing the same kind of crazy patriotic clothing and jewelry, I would (literally) assume that he was doing a comedy skit. If I later found out that he was being 100% serious, and that he still got seven minutes of air-time on a major cable news network, I really think my opinion of the French as a people would be damaged somewhat.

And yet, against all logic, Don King continues to exist. :frowning:

You know, funny you mention that. I was watching boxing this past weekend and there were (surprisingly) no Don King fighters there. I was wondering where he was because I hadn’t heard from him in a while.

Only in America !..where an urchin from ghet-to can rise up and become the unilateral heavyweight boxing champion!

Changed my mind (edited out my previous bored remark). The media is out to make money and in the United States everyone is entitled to their opinion. When put together… this makes interviewing Don King profitable, because he’ll cause controversy (even though he may be a bit wacked out).

Yeah, I know; it wasn’t a serious post. It was mostly just an excuse to post that crazy Don King interview.