How the opposite sex flirted with you in high school/college

Everybody must remember a few instances of this. I went to high school when girls couldn’t wear slacks or jeans–they had to wear dresses, or skirts and tops. In one class the seats were in a double-horseshoe arrangement–and one girl sitting across from me sometimes lifted her skirt about halfway up her thigh!. That really turned me on–in 1967.

I’m in high school now. mostly it’s pointing and laughing, calling me a freak, punching…you don’t think they mean something else? =)

(us geniuses get no respect for our witty sarcasm)

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Shotgunning joints.

In High School, I didn’t know I was being flirted with until a tongue went down my throat.

Picking up on the subtlety of a good flirt is a learned artform. Most High Schoolers are just not up to the task… Well, I sure wasn’t at any rate!

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I think Satan definately had it right: in high school you’re usually too nervous to be an obvious flirt (I know I was) and the opposite sex (usually) doesn’t know enough of the “signals” yet. I was an utter failure.

However!, everything I learned about flirting I can definately say I learned in the Navy! I was stationed on Okinawa for two years and even the butt-ugly girls had boyfriends. That sounds cruel but it was true. I think the male:female ratio was about 8:1. I learned how to politely tell a drunk Marine I wasn’t interested in dancing with him, and just how to read men in general. I’m not claiming to be an expert here but…hey life experience is great stuff!

This guy in high school got down on the floor to touch the bare skin on my feet - no socks w/deck shoes…remember?- almost knocked me over! We dated briefly after that. :slight_smile: he also once told my boyfriend that if I was his girlfriend…no way in hell would he let me wear THAT shirt to school…he said this while staring directly at my boobs!

Scott…we called it ‘steamboating’ not shotgunning :smiley:

The guy’s a hypocrite! Kelli, I hope you gave him the gate posthaste!!!

This wasn’t in high school or college, but I felt it was worth mentioning.
I was in an orientation (brainwashing) class for a new job. There were about 15 of us, and we were sitting at desks arraigned in a circle. We had to watch several short movies, which were quite boring. The guy to the left of me was keeping himself busy by making little origami animals, and lining them up on his desk. I noticed him doing this, and our eyes met. I went back to watching the movies, trying my best to look like a good little employee. Next thing I know, a little paper frog lands on my desk. I smile and face the frog forward so he could watch the movie too. A few minutes pass, and another frog lands on my desk. I put him next to the other one. Soon, I had 5 frogs on my desk. The class ended, and we were told that we would now be separated according to what part of the company we were going to work for. I was working in a branch, and he was going into the computer center. We never had a chance to talk.
I got home that night, and told Mom all about the frogs. I gave her one to look at, and she unfolded it. Inside, he had written his name and phone number. I never called him though, I had a boyfriend :frowning:
Looking back, I should have called him, he was probably better than the loser I was dating. Oh well…

“I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…”

That’s really sad, Blue. Makes me wish I’d tried to start something with the girl who lifted her skirt in that government class.

Don’t know much about flirting, but I could tell you all about the different ways to get dumped. :frowning:

Oh Michelle, that is so sad. If it cheers you up at all, last week the love of my life told me that a Special Person had been met and how exiting it was and how I was the first person to be told because I was such a good friend. I guess that says about everything about my flirting ability. Sheesh.

It only hurts when I laugh.

Whence I was a teenager (very thin at 140 lbs and 5’8") I had very long dark blond hair. At three of the 6 high schools that I went to there were small troops of girls who would follow me around, stand about 20 feet away, stare, and giggle. (This would happen until they found out I was gay, then they would either a} be very interested because they thought I was kinky or b} be very uninterested because they knew it would go no where) I tried talking to them a couple of different times but overall they were to vacuous to even reply without turning red and giggling. It was very annoying. It was like they shared one collective brain and passed it amongst eachother like the withches in Greek mythology passed the eye around. It was no secret that I was gay in high school, but since I moved so often, the people did not always know that I was right away.

When guys would flirt with me in high school it was quite different. Sometimes they would be very shy (unlike the girls) or scared. They did not know how to flirt with other guys. At another school I had the majority of the football team flirt with me at one time or another, incidently they were all closet cases eventhough they won most of the games that year. Anyway, the worst part was hearing, “if you tell anyone that I kissed you I will kill you.” Sigh, homophobia from homosexuals. At that point I would usually tell them I wouldn’t spread it, but I would not date them either because they were not comfortable with who they are or who I am.


In the same high school, Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, CA, I knew a girl who graduated the year before I did. She was a genius, with a wonderful personality, pretty, and shapely. She looked like Doris Day but with a better figure. And that’s the point! She could “flirt” just by appearing in public! She sat behind me, and when she stood up at one point in class she turned around and her bosom almost knocked my glasses off! I miss her immensely and still don’t know what became of her. :frowning:

I have no idea how the opposite sex flirts or flirted with me ever. I’m not saying women never flirt with me, I can’t tell if they are flirting or not.

For example, at my last job, there was this really sweet receptionist I always used to gab with at the front desk. I figured she probably gabbed with everybody, and since she was almost a knockout (a knockdown? a blow on the chin that kind of stuns you? a decent right hook?), I figured she got a lot of chat from single men. And married guys too but who cares about them.

Soon I was pleased that she was making up excuses to visit my desk. Really goofy things like “Here’s a plastic desk organizer that nobody needs, do you want it?” Oh yeah, my work is suffering cause I don’t have enough office tupperware. It would have been fairly annoying except that she was so attractive and personable that she was probably my favorite thing about the job. So I made up some excuses to come by the front desk too - sometimes the receptionists got boring envelope-stuffing work, and sometimes I’d run out of work, so I figured I’d share their work.

At some point, the dumbass part of me convinced the rest that she really liked me. Some people have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder; I have a giggling idiot on one shoulder and a smirking cynic on the other. Later I heard her talking about the house she was renting with her boyfriend. So if she really was flirting with me, I guess she was just “having her way with me”, like a rake who deflowers all the maidens with false promises of love, except of course that there was no nookie.

Dunno about HS and college, but in JHS this realy cute girl wrote my name on her arm in block letters. Until she dropped that hint, I had no idea. Of course, I followed suit. Alas, the crush ended a few weeks later. I washed her name off my arm. She, however, chose to draw thick slabs of ink across my name on her pretty little arm to signal the end.

The only girls that would flirt with me in high school were the the ones that were really depressed and down on themselves. :frowning:

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I didn’t get any attention from the girls until I was in Grade 12, when I bought my first car. It was a beat up 1951 Merc, but I spiffed it up with the purple passion lights, the meatballs around the windshield, the foxtail on the antenna, etc.

We used to go to the drive-in on Friday nights for the Triple Creature Feature.

Everybody called that that car the Mercury Motel because sometimes…

Sorry. Didn’t mean to bore you guys.

Opposite sex: They did not. Unfortunately, neither did the same sex. Grrr.

Well if either sex flirted with me then I didn’t pick up on it. Hell i can’t even think of any instances in college where this has happened. I’m really bad at picking up on things like that. sigh :slight_smile: