How THINGS work differently than you Think they do.


  1. Politicians know how to get elected and increase their own wealth, they do not know how or want to solve problems and losing their future reelection money:

  2. Loopholes in the law are by design to make us believe they did something good,when in fact the law is UN enforceable or by design; change nothing.

  3. Lottery winners can pay up to 70% of the winning in taxes.

  4. politicians get re election money by selling out the people that elected them.

  5. Democracy is available to everyone, the more democracy you purchase the more you get.

  6. By year 2010 the North American Union,could combine the US,Canada and Mexico as one country, not to be called the US.
    Governments is corrupt because you,me and everyone else expects politician’s to be some what moral even though everyone knows those bad people out number the good by 6 bad to 1 good Politician.

  7. Your employer pays all your taxes for you then adds what they paid for you to the cost of the products you purchase, plus their company taxes,so about 45-50% of every dollar earned goes to the govern or business for taxes. 20% to rent or buy your house, At 65% tax and home cost you receive 85% of your gross earning ,meaning you live on 20% of your income for food,loans,car,bills,loan,kids etc… and you wonder why so many are going BK each month.

Which staff report are you discussing?

I’m guessing one that didn’t originate on this plane of reality.

That’s only three years away. If this one comes true, I’ll start taking the rest of the OP seriously.

You might also want to drop your pants in anticipation of the monkeys that will certainly fly out of your arse at the same time as that event.

I want to know why so many people are eating at Burger King due to their employer’s foul practices.

No, silly, BK is short for Brooklyn. When your employer is foul, you have to go to Brooklyn.

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Out of morbid curiousity, I went and googled “North American Union”. Not a big surprise, there is a whole bunch of sites screaming about how we (the sadly dupped US citizens) must act now to protect our sacred, god-given way of life, by keeping our borders secure from those pesky Canadians and Mexicans. :rolleyes:

Apparently, George Bush, Vicente Fox and Paul Martin hashed it all out in Texas in March of 2005. sourcewatch . The John Birch Society is urging people to contact trucking companies about repealin NAFTA, reject national ID cards, and to keep a wary eye on the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).

So, those walls we are building between the US and Mexico are all a show, right?

I’ve heard those evil b*stards are adding the cost of buying raw materials into the price of products too.

How do I get round all that nasty taxation I wonder? I know, I could lease some funds. That would work!

Which lottery are you talking about?

The Mega-New-World-Order-Jackpot

I just won $206 million in the Mega-New-World-Order-Jackpot, but I live in Nigeria. I need help getting the money out of the country, and would like to offer you 8% for this service.

Well, more, anyway.

I can see how the name of this potential political entity is an important aspect to focus on. As long as we keep calling it the US, no big deal, right?

Well to be fair the title is spot on.

THINGS definitely work differently than thinks they do.

I disassembled a CDROM drive about 10 years ago and discovered that the worm drive is not accurate enough and so the laser is mounted on another device that does the fine aiming.

That THING worked differently than I Thought it did.

(well, that’s the kind of THING I Thought this Thread Would be ABOUT)

Oh, and - “Trilateral Commission”

Pshaw! Mariam Abacha offered me three times that amount. What are you - some kind of scam artist?, it’s customary for people who make outrageous statements to also post links to bizarre conspiracy sites run by a 35 year old sitting around his parents basement in his underwear.

That’s how THINGS work around HERE.

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