how to add burgundy wine flavor in a dry spice mix?

Recently I bought a small jar of a spice blend called “burgundy pepper.” Sounded interesting on the store shelf, and smelled great when I opened it, but it turns out it’s extremely salty. This seems to be a common problem with store-bought spice blends.

Fortunately the maker was kind enough to list all the ingredients (sure enough, salt is the first one :rolleyes:), so I’d like to replicate it at home without all the salt.

Unfortunately for me one of the ingredients is “natural burgundy wine flavor.” How can I obtain this flavor? Can I gently boil some burgundy in a pan (or just slowly evaporate it at a lower temperature) until it dries, then grind the residue into powder?

Might not work as well, but it would be simpler to pour a bunch of peppercorns into a bottle of burgundy and let it steep for a week, then use the liquid. Or, the peppercorns, if you’re looking for burgundy PEPPER rather than Burgundy pepper.


The problem is, those spice companies have access to things you can’t get your hands on. Ethilrist might be on the right track though. Soak some peppercorns (or other spice) in wine then dry it (maybe in the oven, very low) and do whatever you want with it after that.

Oddly, as I think about it, I have access to those flavors. Many of the flavors you taste, eat, smoke, smell, find in dog food, pharmaceuticals etc… are made at one of two places a few blocks away from where I work. I actually do a lot of business with them (not directly related to what they sell though).

For example, here’s a chemical that’s listed as fruity and wine like.

The other company could probably come up with either burgundy in some sort of powder form or they could create it…probably by purchasing the correct chemicals from the first company (they’re on the same grounds, sorta).

I think your best bet would be to just add burgundy (or some other red wine or cognac or whatever) to your recipe rather then trying to replicate this. It’ll probably be easier.


Or there’s that. I may have to look at that site. I just saw freeze dried broccoli which Is something I’ve been wanting for a while. I don’t usually keep fresh vegetables in the house and I always thought it be nice to have that around to toss into pasta.

Dayum - I never would have suspected something like that would be commercially available. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: