yeast as a flavoring agent?

I’m still trying to create a less-salty spice blend similar to the “burgundy pepper” i recently bought. I now have burgundy wine powder (thanks to zombywoof for locating a vendor).

One of the other peculiar ingredients is yeast. So can I just get a packet of the ubiquitous Fleischmann’s yeast and grind it up? Or are there other varieties of yeast that are better suited for use as a flavor additive?

Nutritional yeast is often used as a flavor addition. I like it on popcorn and such in place of salt and butter. It doesn’t taste like them, but it still tastes good to me.

Right, you want to use specifically nutritional yeast for this purpose. Most people perceive it as having sort of a ‘cheesy’ flavor. If I remember right, all yeast is the same species, but the flavor can vary depending on the substrate that it is grown on. I think the tasty stuff is grown on molasses.

Definitely the nutritional yeast. You can find it at “natural foods” stores. They’ll often stock it in huge cans in the vitamin/supplement section, but you should also be able to find smaller quantities in the dry foods department - our local Whole Foods has it over by the spices. You’re not going to want to taste a mouthful of the Fleischman’s active dry yeast, believe me!

Thanks, all, for preventing me from screwing this up. :smiley: I will look for N-yeast next time I’m at Whole Foods.

Check the bulk bins (rice, beans, etc.) section as well; I just bought some at Whole Foods yesterday and it was there rather than by the spices.