How to answer children's questions book

Can anyone help me find this book. I recently read about a guy who wrote down all those interesting questions kids ask. He would then to go experts and university professors to get the answers. Then he wrote his book.
Can anyone help? I lost the article.

How young?

You could always give Unca Cecil his props.

I am looking for that particular book. I think he started compiling the questions from when his kid could talk.

Book threads seem to go better in Cafe Society, designed for questions about The Arts. Moved.

samclem GQ moderator

I was thinking about this book recently, too, and how I wanted to read it. I was specifically recalling one question that I saw excerpted: “Why did the Beatles break up?” Yoko Ono gave a response to the effect of “they wanted to broaden their creative horizons and try new things” and someone else gave the response “Yoko Ono.”

The book is Father Knows Less Or “Can I Cook My Sister?”: One Dad’s Quest To Answer His Son’s Most Baffling Questions by Wendell Jamieson.