How to apologize, Japanese-style

Something that makes me chuckle whenever I need laugh:

That’s funny. After living there for six years total, I’m guessing the author has some experience with Japanese culture.

It was actually a series of Japanese spoof documentary made for Japanese…and fan-subbed.

I have respect for a society that is able to make fun of its serious side.

If they don’t make fun of the serious side of society, there won’t be all that much to make fun of. :slight_smile:

Funny shit. The origami one was pretty good too.

Yeah, it’s funnier if it’s the Japanese making fun of themselves. But how accurately is it subtitled?

Fairly accurately. Or at least the general meaning is the same. From what I could understand. Which admittedly isn’t much. I really wish my kanji were better. It’s a slow process.

Holy cow this is funny.

“On the other hand, toro is a junk food for low income earners. The fish is recycled; and instead of rice, barley and minced pasta are used.”

Also see the woman’s and man’s respective expressions when it’s said that the woman is required to pour the man’s beer. “This is the samurai way.”

I’ve seen the Sushi one before, but not Shazai. The ninja pose is hilarious.

What’s even funnier is that there are Americans so desperate to assimilate into Japanese culture that they take instruction directly from anime, and the thought of someone taking these videos in earnest is entertaining as hell.

Is it just me, or does the “deep bow” look like the bower just got a shot to the groin? Also, I liked the one guy checking his watch during the “perpetual bow”.

Well, hell, hopes no one take their advice for dating…

The same guys actually made the Japanese “Mac vs. PC” commercials for Apple. Here’s an example. :smiley:

Oh, god, this is fantastic. Thank you.

Do they really grab their crotches like that for a deep apology?

No. They do bow for a very very long time though. I can’t search youtube at work, but see if you can find any footage of an official stepping down due to some scandal in his company. He’ll make a speech and then bow (at 90 degrees) and hold his head down for ten seconds or more. Then maybe do it again.

Beats hara kiri, I guess.