How to arrange this outing?

I got an email, on myspace actually, from a friend of a friend, proposing that we three, me, my friend, and her, go out and do something together. The background is kind of complicated. My husband and I introduced my friend to my husband’s cousin during our wedding festivities, and they got married this fall. The friend of my friend is married to a friend of . . . wait, this is too confusing. I’ll use fake names.

I have a friend, Amy. She met her husband Bob at my wedding. She reconnected with Chuck, her friend from high school, and made friends with his wife Donna. We have had several couples parties with them, New Years, dinner out, Sunday dinners, and my husband doesn’t really like Chuck. He doesn’t think that Bob likes Chuck either, but for we three girls, they will be nice for the length of a party.

Donna has asked that Amy, Donna, and I go out for a girl’s night out. Do we have to provide our respective husbands with something to do? IE, should the three of them get together too, at the same time? My husband would love to go over to Bob’s to visit, but since we three wives are together, they should invite Chuck, right?

I’m just glad that none of us have children yet, so there isn’t the added drama of finding a babysitter for this hypothetical future outing.

I would like to go out with Donna and Amy, but if we can’t figure out how . . . dispose? . . . of our husbands, I don’t see how we can. Also, none of us work odd shifts, so we can’t plead work as a reason not to have the three men get together. None of them would want to spend the evening home alone, either.

Any ideas?

I can see how Chuck might be hurt, but no, I don’t think you are responsible for providing entertainment for your husbands just so you can go out for one night. They are big boys and can weigh the pros and cons of their options themselves. (And what’s wrong with an evening home alone once in a while?)

Gah, my husband used to do this to me when he wanted to go out with the boys. He would sign me up for some girls’ get-together with the wives, when what I really wanted to do was sit at home with a bottle of wine and my knitting. It drove me batty, but he’s learned over the years. Leave your husband to his own devices. He’s a grown person who can probably come up with an activity on his own.

When my girlfriends and I go out for an evening, we leave our husbands to their own devices. Occasionally they will get together, but more often they just enjoy a quiet evening at home.

Not a husband, but if I was and my wife was doing the girls night out thing, I’d likely look forward to ordering pizza and watching sports or gaming. Last thing I’d want is for her to arrange something for me to do.

Yeah, isn’t the whole point of girls’ night out that the boys get a night off?

And maybe this is a crazy question, but have you asked your husband what he wants to do?

What does he normally do when you go out without him?

Why not pay for your husband to go to a strip club? :eek:

What? :confused: