How to block phishing popups?

Starting just a few days ago, about half to a third of the time I open a web site (such as happened when I opened this thread) an obvious phishing site opens. Mostly, I can close them, but some are hard to close. (You get a window asking if you really want to leave this page.) Mostly they open a new version of my browser (Mozilla), but sometimes a new tab. I have installed Ad-Aware, but it doesn’t seem to help. It is getting extremely annoying.


You can go to OPTIONS, then CONTENT, then check the box to block all popups.

Did you update and then run it to do a system scan after you installed it?

If it doesn’t find anything, download, install, update and run Malware Bytes.

If those don’t work, a good place to get very personal advice on how to remove malware is the Bleeping Computer forums. Here’s their "how to use this forum for specific advice"guide.