How to clear google search history?

How can I clear every google search on my computer. I know there is a way someone can look up your past search results, and I must rid this information before it falls into the wrong hands and Jason Bourne kills me.

Go to Google, click on the search box where yoy type, the history should appear. Simply move your mouse down until it’s above the item you want to delete and press delete on your keyboard.
To delete all the history, hold your mouse over the first item and hold delete.

hey, actually it’s a bit mroe complicated than that. I am not referring to the search box history, but rather a special page that will show all your past searches some even have pics.

!!! That’s Alarming !!!

!!! Where is this awful incriminating page?!!!

Have you tried deleteing the google cookie, or going Edit>Preferences>History Then somewhere in there there will be a thing that says clear history.

In IE I think you have to go tools>Internet options and so on to get rid of everything in your history.

If you are using the Google Toolbar, just click the Google logo and select “Clear Search History” and be done with it. If not, or you’re truly paranoid, seek out and delete any cookies from Google, then head over to Tools:Internet Options and clear your browser cache and clear your history.

If you don’t do a wipe and 7X pass with a write over program, it can still be pulled up in a secret lab someplace if they impound your HD.

So, with HD’s being so cheap now, I would just destroy the HD at the end of the day and reinstall the OS to a new HD each morning…

Nothing like a peaceful sleep with no worries…

Where the hell were you surfing that you’re this paranoid?