How to display PC's taskbar using Win95 + Win NT 4.0?

At work , I had to change desks. The computer I was using (Compaq Evo w/PIII, running Win98 + Win NT 4.0) allowed me to see, not only the server’s taskbar, but the Win98 taskbar as well, This allowed me to see everything my computer was doing without having to alt-tab.

At my new desk I have a Compaq DeskPro. It apparently DOES run on hamster power. It’s a PI w/Win95 + WinNT 4.0.

It doesn’t even have a CD-ROM drive!

Anyways, some of the programs I need during the day can only be accessed through the Win95 interface, while the rest can only be accessed through our servers using WinNT 4.0. Once I log into the server, I can no longer see my Win95 taskbar or desktop (including the Start button) so I have to make sure I’ve started the needed programs before logging on to the server. Once in a while, I’ll need to get to files and programs on my PC that I can’t access from the server.

Is there a way that I can have my cake and eat it too?

A co-worker has a similar problem, but he is running Win98. He will move the Win98 taskbar so that it “stands up” on the right side of the screen, while the WinNT taskbar runs along the bottom. I tried this, but it doesn’t work.

I assume you’re running terminal server. There is a setting in the terminal server client for running it in full screen mode or in a window. Go into the client setup and have it run in a window and you’ll be able to see your own task bar again.

Is this something I can do or would I have call the service desk (hopefully not!)? Most of that sort of stuff is usually locked out on the client side.

You should be able to do it yourself. I dont have NT 4 terminal server client handy, but IIRC somewhere under the start menu is the client connection manager. Go into that and adjust the settings for the connection to your server.

Yep, that worked! Thanks!