How to dispose of a grapefruit-sized rubberband ball?

I’ve got a newspaper subscription. The papers come wrapped in rubberbands. Over the course of several years I’ve managed to build a nice rubberband ball the size of a grapefruit.

Sadly, all the rubberbands are pretty overstretched and can’t really be reused for normal rubberband purposes, so I’ve decided to get rid of this thing. I could just toss it in the trash, but I thought maybe the folks on the SDMB could come up with a more creative (but serious) disposal method. I don’t want to do anything destructive or polluting, but otherwise, feel free to go wild.

Thanks all, in advance.

Leave it lightly hidden on the grounds of an elementary school. You’ll make some kids day.

I’d like to buy it. It would look cool in my office. Lemme know.

I just want to know how the hell you make one. I work for the post office, so we have an abundance of rubber bands, and rubber band balls seemed to pop up all over the place, care of my bored cow-orkers, and they were invariably perfectly spherical. But I could never make one that didn’t end up shaped like a mutant potato / dog turd / asteroid.

Sounds like perfect fodder for a White Elephant box.

Will it bounce? See how many times you can bounce it. Take bets. Profit.

Band name, band name, band name!

Throw it off the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building or the nearest skyscraper (and film it).

Step one: Put it in the freezer to make the rubber bands brittle. Then announce you’re going to drop it off a building, have someone videotaping, and drop the ball, which should break apart into smithereens instead of bouncing. Put the video on YouTube.

Step two: ???

Step three: profit!

My original intention was to post that the thing should be dropped from a great height. But the freezing idea is pure genius!

I’m letting my big one slowly degrade and am growing a new one. On different days it has different meanings, but it is a work of art. I even put it in an art show once.

You start with a knot and add rubber bands going in different directions as you go.

They do bounce.

I once saw a show where they dropped a large rubber band ball out of an airplane. I think it actually bounced slightly on impact.

Rand Rover’s suggestion could be expanded to be, “Sell it on eBay”.

ETA: Freezing it in liquid Nitrogen would be very entertaining.