How to do a registry back up?

Okay, Norton found a virus on my computer, and while I’m following the instructions, the last step is to do a change to the registry.

However, first it says to do to do a back up of the registry. In order to do so, it says:

However, there is NO “Backup” under System Tools. What gives?

You can backup the registry by doing this:

START>Run>regedit>File>Export>(file location where you want the backup to go)

Are you using XP Home, Guin? In that case, you do a reg backup by going to Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore. On the first page of the System Restore Utility, it’ll ask you if you want to Restore to an Earlier Time or Create a Restore Point. You want the second option. Click next, name the Restore Point and then Create.

Thank you SOOOO much!
Would saving the registry save the virus as well?

Sounds like you don’t have the backup utility installed. What version of Windows are you running?

Would that wipe out everything on my hard drive, or just the registry?

Windows XP Home edition.

If you’re creating a restore point, it basically takes a snapshot of the registry that you can roll back to if Norton or something else messes up your computer. Say, if you make a restore point right now, you can roll back to it if Norton does anything crazy to your PC. When you roll back to a restore point, only things that have taken place after the restore point was created will be undone. Example: If you create a restore point now, then install a program, that program will be gone if you roll back to the restore point you made. Norton wants to back the registry up in case it goes nuts while getting rid of your virus, basically.

Here, this explains it much better than I did:

If you just want to back up the Registry do what Mr. Blue Sky instructed. A lot of the virus scanning programs I have used instructs to turn off System Restore while doing a scan and to turn it back on after the system is cleaned.

Ah, I see. Thanks. See, System Restore has to be turned off, though, for this scan.

Here’s the virus info page.

Ugh, fucking Trojans!

Sorry for confusing you with a bunch of useless info, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s okay. I just followed Mr. Blue Sky’s instructions and it worked! Now I just have to wait for my virus scan to find it, then delete it from the registry.

And I appologize for being a hopeless computer moron.