System Restore Refuses to Complete.

In Win XP my system restore function does not work at all anymore. Dont know what happened. It used to work. I can access it, then it does all the restore stuff, reboots, and then says it couldnt complete the restore operation. It does this no matter what day or restore point I choose. I cannot even undo the last restore I completed.

I am thinking there is a chance that Norton Utilities is causing this somehow, but I have no basis for this assumption.

Any ideas?

No ideas, but I have the same problem with Windows Me.

I also have Norton, but even if I uninstall Norton the problem remains.

Anyone out there that can help?

Call Microsoft to complain.

Well, if you have Norton, it has a “Go-back” function, which is much better than System Restore, anyway. I have both and when I had to go back one time, Restore’s earliest point was a few days prior, but Go-Back has restore times for every time you log on. I haven’t found them to interfere with each other, but Norton says that if you’re going to use Go-back, shut off the Restore first. I don’t know if shutting off Go-back will help Restore, but you can try it. But, as I said, why would you want to?

I have Me…I noticed Restore used 2.6gb of my HD space, it uses 12% of a hd. So I went into
properties, put the slider to the left, turned it off, restarted, got my HD space back,
turned Restore back on, restarted & set a new restore point. Well, it was pretty easy. But of
course you won’t get to use your old Restore points if you do this.