How to embed images?

I have a factual question about statistics and need to include a table or image of a table to demonstrate my problem and request and answer. When I try to drag the image of the table into the field I get an error that says I can’t
what is the best way to include an image for readers to see my problem?

The best way I know of is to copy the image address and posting that into the edit window on its own line. That should work, same for videos.

Its an excel file (or image of one) I have on my computer…not on the web. Is it best that I upload it to imgur and post the address then?

Yes, and after you upload it to imgur, right-click on the image and select “display image in new tab”. That’s the URL you should post here, otherwise the image will be truncated.

You cannot upload pictures directly to the SDMB. That includes pasting them in.

Annnnd you have to hit the Reply button before it tries to show the preview, in which case the pic (or video) will be blocked.

That’s not an issue with images, just YouTube videos.

THanks! I just posted it in Factual questions… seems to have worked.

Just FYI I went at looked at your post in FQ, your image is readable and clear. Well done there. :+1: